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The second series of lectures were successfully held


On the afternoon of April 20, 2021, the Dalian University of Technology CIS National Research Center and School of International Education successfully held the second series of lectures on national and regional studies in the smart classroom of the college. The guest of this lecture is the deputy director of the Russian Studies Center of East China Normal University (Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education), and the director of the Recording Center of the Belarusian Studies Center of East China Normal University. The theme is "Image Description of Russian Characters and Thoughts". The report uses a combination of online and offline methods. More than a hundred teachers and students from many universities in China participated in the lecture.


This event is divided into two parts. In the first session, Mr. Bewenli brought us an audio-visual feast of Russian culture in a simple way. Through the appreciation of art style works such as literature and film, painting, sculpture, music, dance, etc., the lecture combed and analyzed some of the main dimensions and characteristics of the Russian character and spirit, and felt and understood some of the iconic phenomena in Russian culture: historical Process, social development and changes in people’s psychology, "profound and important thoughts", etc., are often expressed not in academic works, but literary and artistic works; literature and art are ways and reflections to explore the truth And the means to interfere with life and the tools to play the role of ethical and moral influence; literary and artistic works fully reflect the full and rich emotional world, reflecting the patriotism as the core, the collectivism as the value orientation, and the unyielding and persevering sense of resistance. An important representation of the spirit and character; "civil spirit" runs through all aspects of culture and art, "the poet's is greater than the poet himself in the general sense"; Russia, which is "difficult to understand with reason", has its own characteristics in all aspects, including Aesthetic character: broad and grand spirit pattern and meticulous presentation and expression, strong and profound sense of compassion and strong and vigorous optimism, respect for adherence to tradition and obsessive pursuit of innovation...; the "image" that has been ubiquitous since ancient times is even more so The image of collective feelings in history and the current spirit of the times.




The second part is the interactive part. The online and offline teachers and students are very enthusiastic, asking questions to Teacher Bei and getting wonderful answers from Teacher Bei. The report ended with warm applause.




This lecture deepened the students' understanding of Russian culture. While broadening the students' international horizons, they guided them to participate in the study and exploration of the country and region. In the field of national and regional studies, the study of the language of the country was not only emphasized. , It also requires in-depth exploration in a certain field.


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