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International Education Institute launches snow


On January 6-8, Dalian ushered in the first heavy snowfall of 2021. The campus was wrapped in silver and was exceptionally beautiful. However, the heavy snow and cold wave weather also brought a certain degree of inconvenience to the work, study and life of teachers and students.


On the morning of January 8, the college implemented the school's snow prevention and disaster relief measures and carried out snow removal and ice breaking activities. The leadership team of the college led the faculty and staff not to be afraid of the severe cold, acted swiftly and motivated, and enthusiastically shoveled snow and cleaned the road with various snow removal tools. The faculty and staff grouped the square in front of the economic management building and the surrounding main roads to clear snow. After more than an hour of hard work, the square in front of Block D of the Jingguan Building, the sidewalks from the New North Gate to the Jingguan Building, and the driveways inside and outside the garage entrance of the building were basically cleared of snow and ice.




This activity not only guarantees the safety of the school teachers and students but also allows the spirit of volunteer service to help others more deeply into the hearts of every state educator.


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