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Two international students awarded"Outstanding Students"



Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the 2020 awards list of outstanding Chinese government students studying in China. Two doctoral students recommended by our school, ASSAMOI GUY ROLAND (Ivory Coast nationality) and ZULFIQAR MUHAMMAD (Pakistan nationality) won this honor.


The Chinese Government’s Outstanding International Students in China is a national honorary title set up by the Ministry of Education for international students in China. It is selected once a year and recommended by universities and organized by the Ministry of Education to organize experts on the recommender’s academic performance, scientific research capabilities and overall performance in China. The purpose of the review is to select and motivate international students who are knowledgeable, good-natured, and have outstanding academic performance. The award has a large number of applicants, strict evaluation requirements, and fierce competition. It is one of the most important awards granted by the Chinese government to international students in China.


ASSAMOI GUY ROLAND, Ivorian nationality, a doctoral student in international trade taught in English in the class of 2017, tutor Professor Wang Shaoyuan. The student had outstanding performance and outstanding scientific research ability during his studies. During his time at school, he published many scientific research papers as the first author, two of which were published in SCI journals; passed the Chinese proficiency test level 5; during the epidemic, he took the initiative to participate in the fundraising activities for international students of our school. Support China's fight against the epidemic.


ZULFIQAR MUHAMMAD (Zhao Feike), a Pakistani national, a doctoral student in financial management majoring in English-taught in 2017, and his tutor Professor Chen Shihua. The student published 7 scientific research papers as the first author during the study period, 1 paper was published in SCI journals, 5 papers were published in ESCI journals, and 1 paper was published in SSCI journals; he actively participated in various activities organized by the school and was excellent A typical representative of international students in China.



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