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Master's degree program(Chinese-taught)



Dongbei University of Finance and Economics recruits foreign students for all master's degree programs, including business management, finance, international trade, tourism management and other majors that are more popular with international students.


Educational system:

2.5 years


Admission conditions:

1. Educational requirements: university graduate with excellent grades;

2. Chinese proficiency: HSK level 5 (above 220 points);

3. Recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors;

4. Pass the school assessment.


Application materials:

1. Apply online;

2. Copy of passport;

3. Copy of graduation (degree) certificate and transcript;

4. HSK grade certificate;

5. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors;

6. Study plan.


Application steps:

1. Submit application materials: Applicants can apply online or directly to the International Education College of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics to submit application materials. The online application website is:

2. Payment of application fee: Applicants can pay the application fee through online payment, bank transfer or directly to the International Education College of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.

3. After passing the school's assessment, the school will process the JW202 form and issue an admission notice for the application.

4. Applicants bring admission materials and a valid passport to the Chinese Embassy to apply for a visa to China.

* If the applicant's Chinese proficiency does not meet the requirements, he can apply for a one-year preparatory course.


Tuition fee: 25,000 yuan/year

Application fee: 800 yuan

Deadline: July 31

Enrollment time: early September


List of Master's Majors


Financial Management*




Engineering Management*

Corporate Governance

Management Science and Engineering*

International Trade*

National Economics

Chinese International Education


Technical economy and management

Educational Economics and Management

Financial engineering


Finance and risk statistics

Economic Law

History of Economic Thought

Tourism management*

Basic Principles of Marxism

Research on the Sinicization of Marxism

Civil and Commercial Law

Enterprise Management*

Regional Economics

Population, Resources and Environmental Economics

human resource management


Social Security

world economy


quantitative Economics

Ideological and political education


Land resource management

Logistics management

Western Economics

Constitution and Administrative Law

Criminal Law


Administrative management

Political theory

Research on Basic Issues of Modern Chinese History

Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics


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