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School leaders and international students spend the Spring Festival together



Writing blessings, pasting Spring Festival couplets, making dumplings, and savoring the taste of the New Year. On the 30th morning of the Lunar New Year on February 11, a lively activity for Chinese and foreign teachers and students to celebrate the Spring Festival was held in the International Student Restaurant of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. "There is a saying in China,'Every holiday season, you can't go back to your country to reunite with your family during the winter vacation this year. But there are so many enthusiastic teachers who care about us, and they have organized this special meaningful event for us. During the Chinese New Year activities, I felt a strong taste of the New Year and I was very happy. Thank you teachers.” The Mexican student Bella who participated in the activity expressed his joy in the Chinese New Year in China.




At the calligraphy experience activity site, the students were eager to try, flicking and frustrating, and completed a pair of Spring Festival couplets under the guidance of the teacher. On the red wadang paper, the students "Zhaomaohuahu" wrote all kinds of "Fu", which can be described as "Blessings and Perfection"; in the dumpling-making experience area, the students were demonstrated by teachers and cafeteria chefs. , The dumplings with their various demeanors appeared in front of them, so unhappy.




At 10:30 in the morning, the school’s party secretary Xia Chunyu, principal Lu Wei, and vice principal Fang Hongxing came to the students to send New Year blessings to the students, and to celebrate China’s ugliness with students from more than 20 countries Chinese New Year of the Ox. On behalf of the school, Lu Wei extended New Year's greetings to international students from all over the world, and expressed condolences to the international students who could not be reunited with their families due to the epidemic. He hoped that through such a special event, the students would gather together and experience the extraordinary Chinese Year of the Ox At the same time, I wish all teachers and students a happy Chinese New Year, smooth work, academic progress, and happiness in the new year!




Taurus is happy, Xin Chou welcomes the spring. Xia Chunyu and the teachers and students made dumplings and wrote blessings together. The international students rushed to write big "Fu" on the red square paper in order to pray for the New Year. "Mom, although I can't go home, it's good for me to celebrate the Chinese New Year!" Zhao Lin, a Russian student at the scene, couldn't help calling her mother in China to report safety.


At the end of the activity, the school leaders presented each international student with a New Year gift pack and a red scarf, once again expressing the school's beautiful New Year blessings! "Happy New Year!" All the international students are facing the camera and have a big family portrait with school leaders and teachers, which will be set in the extraordinary Chinese Year of the Ox!


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