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Principal supervised the opening of school

March 12, 2021

On March 12, the deputy secretary of the party committee and principal Lu Wei, and the vice principals Wang Weiguo, Zhao Jianguo, and Fang Hongxing visited various departments of the school to supervise the preparations for the opening of the spring school and the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.


Lu Wei and his entourage visited key areas and key places such as Central Canteen, Bo Xue Building, International Student Apartment, Zhiyuan Building, Dongda Apartment North Gate, Zhishuyuan Parking Compound and South Gate, Zhishuyuan Student Apartment, etc., and learned more about it New semester students return to school meal guarantee, food safety and price, teaching preparation status, foreign teachers, international students' ideological dynamics and living security situation, students' preparations for epidemic prevention and control after returning to school, student life security, campus material reserves, etc.


Lv Wei and his entourage fully affirmed our school’s epidemic prevention and control and preparations for returning to school, and required all units and departments of the school to continue to improve various work details, strictly implement the deployment requirements for the spring school work, and ensure the safety and health of teachers and students. In the first place, ensure the effective and orderly prevention and control of the epidemic, the continuous harmony and stability of the campus, and the smooth and safe return of students to school.



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