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Undergraduate Project(Taught in Chinese)



All undergraduate majors of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics recruit foreign students. The majors currently studied by foreign students include Chinese language, international economics and trade, accounting, financial management, business administration, finance, marketing, human resource management, tourism management, business English, e-commerce, etc.


Through the "language + major" training model, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics is committed to cultivating high-level and compound business talents with good comprehensive qualities to meet the needs of global integration. Comprehensively and systematically cultivate the communication skills of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing, understand China's national conditions, be familiar with Chinese culture, and master practical knowledge and skills in the field of international business. After graduation, students can work in cultural exchanges, international trade, business management, Chinese teaching, secretarial, tourism, translation and other related fields.


Admission conditions:

1. Have a high school degree or above;


2. Chinese proficiency requirements:

Chinese language major: 4-year school system, fall admission: Chinese language zero or HSK 4 level 180 points;

The 3-year school system for fall admission: 220 points for HSK level 4;

The two-year school system for fall admission: 220 points for HSK level 5;

Spring admission for 3.5-year school system: 200 points for HSK level 4;

Spring admission for the 2.5-year academic system: 220 points for HSK Level 5;

Other majors: Fall admission for 4-year school system: 220 points for HSK level 4;

* If the applicant's Chinese proficiency does not meet the requirements, he can apply for a one-year preparatory course.


3. Pass the entrance exam arranged by the college (Chinese language proficiency test and interview).


Application materials:

1. Apply online;

2. Copy of passport;

3. High school graduation certificate;

4. Transcript;

5. HSK certificate.


Application steps:

1. Submit application materials: The online application website is:

2. Payment of registration fee: Applicants can pay the registration fee through online payment, bank transfer or directly to the International Education College of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.

3. After passing the school's assessment, the school will process the JW202 form and issue an admission notice for the application.

4. Applicants bring admission materials and a valid passport to the Chinese Embassy to apply for a visa to China.


Application fee:

800 yuan



Chinese language major: 19,000 yuan/year

* Different grades need to pay corresponding transfer fees

Other majors: 21,000 yuan/year

Preparatory course: 25,000 yuan/year

* After the completion of the one-year preparatory course, if the HSK 4 level exam exceeds 220 points, you will receive a scholarship of 5,000 yuan.

Deadline for registration:

Spring semester: January 31 (only for Chinese language majors)

Fall semester: July 31 (all majors can register)

Entrance examination:

Spring semester: early March

Fall semester: end of June or early September

Admission time:

Spring semester: early March

Fall semester: early September


List of undergraduate majors:


Financial Management



Real estate development and management

Engineering Management

Business management

Public Service Management

Management Science


international economy and trading

Chinese Language


computer science and Technology

Financial engineering


Economic Statistics


labor and Social Security

Tourism management

human resource management


Business English



Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


Logistics management


Information management and information system

Administrative management

Asset valuation


Financial Mathematics


applied statistics

Big data management and application

Hotel management


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