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School leaders visits frontline employees and international students



On the morning of the Lunar New Year's Eve on February 11, the school's party committee secretary Xia Chunyu and the principal Lu Wei visited and expressed condolences to front-line employees and international students at the school, and participated in New Year activities with the international students, expressing their blessings for the new year.


School leaders visited the front-line employees on duty in the main duty room, the second canteen, the substation, the west gate of the school, and the monitoring room of the Zhiyuan Building of the Zinan Building School. They sacrificed the time to reunite with their families during the Spring Festival for the prevention and control of the epidemic, the safety of the campus, and the school. Thank you for your hard work in logistics support, and put forward guiding opinions on food safety guarantee, power guarantee, holiday security, and epidemic prevention and control work. The employees interviewed unanimously stated that they will resolutely do a good job in campus safety and stability and epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the school's rules and regulations, and continue to do a good job during the winter vacation, so as to provide a solid guarantee for the teachers and students to spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.








Afterwards, school leaders came to the international students’ restaurant. Lu Wei was entrusted by the school’s party committee to send Chinese New Year blessings on behalf of the school. Xia Chunyu and the foreign students made dumplings and wrote blessings. The event was full of laughter, full of the warmth of the New Year. And festive. The overseas students expressed their love for China and Dongcai, and expressed their willingness to study diligently, be a good messenger of cultural exchanges, and sent blessings for the new year to all Dongcai people.






The heads of the school office, security office, international education college, and logistics group accompanied the visit.


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