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China-ASEAN Center preparatory meeting



On April 14, the China-ASEAN Center held a preparatory meeting for the 2021 China University Enrollment Policy for International Students from ASEAN Countries. More than 30 people, including the heads of education in the embassies of Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand in China, and representatives from 9 Chinese institutions of higher learning attended the meeting. Chen Dehai, secretary-general of the China-ASEAN Center, delivered a welcome speech, chaired by Zhou Hui, deputy director of the Center's Education, Culture and Tourism Department.




As the first batch of Chinese universities to be included in the preaching list, our school participated in this event held at the "China-ASEAN Center". Representatives of our school participated in the meeting. Zhang Shutting, the vice dean of the School of Chinese Studies, thanked the “China-ASEAN Center” for building an exchange platform and introduced the current situation of our school's study and education in China and the enrollment policy of international students to the participants, and introduced them in detail. The specific content of our school's professional characteristics, campus environment, student activities, etc.


Na Tingle, Minister Counsellor of the Thai Embassy in China, Chen Shanyi, Minister Counsellor of Science and Technology, Indonesian Embassy in China Education and Culture Counselor Su Yad, Lao Embassy Education and Culture Counselor Peng Wenbo, Singapore Embassy Education Division First Secretary Chen Weibiao, Philippine Consulate Allen, the third secretary of the Chinese Embassy, and other representatives of ASEAN countries thanked the center for hosting this event, saying that ASEAN countries attach great importance to educational cooperation and exchanges with China, and hope that more students will study in China so that the China-ASEAN friendship will be passed on from generation to generation. During the meeting, the two parties also had a full and in-depth discussion on the details of the official online publicity activities.


Subsequently, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of our school and the Thai Embassy in China Minister Counsellor Na Tingle, Minister Counselor of Science and Technology Chen Shanyi, and Indonesian Embassy in China Education and Culture Counselor Su Yad on the construction of our school’s Thai language major, proposed to open the Indonesian language major, International exchanges and other related content were discussed, and the foreign party agreed to provide support in Thai and Indonesian minor language teaching materials and the introduction of foreign teachers. At the same time, our school and the "China-ASEAN Center" Department of Culture and Tourism conducted in-depth discussions on a number of cooperation issues and reached an agreement.


Exchanges and cooperation with universities in ASEAN countries are not only an important indicator of our school's international influence but also an important measure to actively respond to and implement the “Belt and Road” national strategy. Our school will use this “Chinese University to recruit ASEAN countries” As an opportunity, we look forward to expanding and deepening cooperation and exchanges with colleges and universities in ASEAN countries, continuously advancing the school's international level of running schools, and serving the country's “One Belt, One Road” strategy.


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