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Take part in a Chinese dictation contest

On September 20, the 5th ASEAN International Students' Chinese character dictation competition of 2019 China ASEAN Education Exchange Week officially opened in Zunyi Normal University. More than 60 international students from 18 universities at home and abroad, including Hanoi National University, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin University of Technology, Hubei University, East China Normal University, and Kaili University, were invited to participate in the competition. Our school selected three Yemeni students from chenkaka, mole, and Shenfei to participate in the competition. The competition is divided into two stages: the preliminary stage and the final stage. The three competitors of our school won the group and individual excellence awards.






The competition came to a successful conclusion in a friendly and fierce atmosphere. The international students expressed that they will work harder to learn Chinese characters and Chinese culture.

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