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International students practice Taiji

Recently, our school’s track and field welcomed a group of international students from the School of International Education. They used their spare time to ask teachers from the School of Physical Education Jie Mengning and He Yanbing to teach Chinese martial arts-Tai Chi.




Teacher Jie explained the history, main schools, fitness, and self-defense of Taijiquan. The international students showed great enthusiasm for learning, and all of them were gearing up and eager to try. Afterward, Mr. He demonstrated the basic techniques of Taijiquan to the students. Starting from the practice of squeezing, pressing, picking, pressing, elbow, and other basic movements, he taught the international students Taijiquan on-site and led them to experience the traditional Chinese martial arts from offensive to defensive. The wonder lies.




Finally, Teacher Jie said that Tai Chi is one of our university’s special courses in physical education. He hopes that international students will actively participate in it. The students also expressed that Tai Chi, as one of the traditional Chinese martial arts, has an irresistible attraction for them. I will definitely practice Taijiquan actively and feel the charm of Taijiquan.

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