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Education practice base building



To strengthen the construction of the basic education faculty, improve the quality of undergraduate teacher students and postgraduate education masters of East China Normal University, and help the better development of affiliated kindergartens.

On the morning of April 22, East China Normal University joined hands with affiliated kindergartens, affiliated Zizhu kindergartens and Minhang Yongde The signing and unveiling ceremony of the Kindergarten Joint Education Practice Base was held in the affiliated kindergarten.

Dai Liyi, Vice President of East China Normal University and Director of the Education Group, Huang Jin, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Education, Peng Chao, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Deputy Minister of the Department of Education.

Education Feng Jianfeng, deputy director of the group, Liu Ping, deputy director of the basic department, Li Yuhua, deputy secretary of the preschool education department, Ji Yunfei, representatives of various schools and departments, as well as representatives of three kindergartens and middle-level cadres participated.


East China Normal University joins hands with three affiliated kindergartens to build an education practice base.

At the beginning of the meeting, Huang Jin delivered a speech on behalf of the Faculty of Education and the Department of Preschool Education. She said that the establishment of the educational practice base is a win-win event for the pre-education department of East China Normal University and the affiliated kindergartens.

It is the exploration and practice of the practical and innovative "4+1" talent training model under the guidance of theory. Practical teaching provides diversified opportunities and also provides theoretical and professional guidance for the character development of affiliated kindergartens.

The Pre-Education Department of East China Normal University will continue to provide professional guidance to promote the development of affiliated kindergartens.


On behalf of the university, Peng Chao signed an agreement on the construction of educational practice bases with the three kindergartens. Dai Liyi, Huang Jin, Feng Jianfeng, and the director of the affiliated kindergarten Wu Dan, the director of the affiliated Zizhu kindergarten, Xu Zhen, and the director of the Yongde Experimental Kindergarten jointly unveiled the base.

In the exchange and speech session, Wu Dan reviewed the nearly 70 years of growth in the affiliated children and achieved fruitful development under the leadership and guidance of East China Normal University.

Standing in the new stage of development in the new era, the affiliated kindergarten will continue to uphold its original aspirations, fulfill its mission of serving and promoting the innovative development of preschool education, set new goals, and set out again under the guidance of the National Normal University and the Education Group to achieve better results.

Xu Zhen said that the affiliated Zizhu Kindergarten is an important part of the Zizhu Elementary Education Park of East China Normal University. After ten years of development.

It has become an influential kindergarten in Minhang District and will continue to speed up the establishment of Shanghai under the care and guidance of the university. Demonstrative kindergarten.

On behalf of Ziyou, she thanked the National Normal University for its full support in all aspects and rewarded the National Normal University and the society with excellent school performance.

In her speech, Wang Taoying introduced that Yongde Kindergarten, as a new member of the Education Group, will learn from the affiliated kindergarten and Ziyou.

Relying on the resources of East China Normal University, strengthen the relationship with universities and sister schools, attach importance to cooperation and exchanges, use and play well with the post The teaching platform, guided by the construction of the teaching staff, will make Yongde Experimental Kindergarten a model of preschool education with characteristics.

At the same time, the event also launched the workshops of "Home Education" and "Class Management" in the affiliated kindergarten. Associate Professor Zuo Zhihong of the Department of Preschool Education, as the workshop instructor, expressed his congratulations via video.

Liu Ping, Li Yuhua, Ji Yunfei, and the two moderators of the workshop Wu Dan and Fu Lina, the head of the teaching and research group of Affiliated Children's University, jointly unveiled the plaque.The affiliated kindergarten unveiled the "Homeland Co-education" and "Class Management" Workshop.

In his speech, Dai Liyi, on behalf of East China Normal University and East China Normal University faculty and staff, thanked the three kindergartens for their contributions to the enrollment of the children of faculty and staff over the years.

He believes that the establishment of a practical teaching and research base is not only a requirement for the development of preschool education disciplines, professional construction, and educational research but also an important way to train outstanding preschool education teachers in the future.

He hopes that the affiliated kindergartens will build on the base and rely on East China The professional force of pre-university education research in the teacher's school has made great efforts to explore the aspects of school class management, team building, and characteristic curriculum construction to improve the development level of the campus.

The establishment of the base marks a closer connection between the university and the affiliated kindergarten, which is conducive to opening up the path of integration of "learning and use", promoting the establishment and development of a mechanism for "colleges and kindergartens" to collaboratively cultivate outstanding preschool education talents, and running preschools that are satisfactory to the people education.


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