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Single Scholarship for Outstanding Foreign Students



1. All kinds of publicly funded and self-financed international students who are normally registered in the school can apply (undergraduate transfer students must study at school for more than one year, and advanced students must study at school for more than one semester)

2. Individual academic awards: good academic performance during the semester, or winners of various competitions at home and abroad (undergraduates); good academic performance, published in Chinese or international core journals in the previous academic year as the first or second author or domestically Read papers or make main speeches at foreign academic conferences (for graduate students);

3. Activity awards: International students who actively organize and participate in various arts, sports, and social welfare activities of the school or department (more than two times), and have made outstanding contributions.


Reward amount

5,000 yuan

Those who have one of the following conditions during the academic year are generally not eligible for scholarships:

1. Those who have received various sanctions due to violations of laws and disciplines during the academic year participating in the evaluation but have not yet been released, or those who have been notified by the school or department to criticize;

2. Students who applied for suspension, retention of school status, or extension of the school system in the previous academic year; students who were not in China in the previous academic year are not allowed to participate in the scholarship selection;

3. Those who fail the examinations of compulsory courses and elective courses (including public elective courses) during the academic year are generally not eligible for scholarships.


1. Students can apply for different scholarships at the same time, but they can only get one of them in the end.

2. If no student meets the requirements of the award evaluation, the award will be vacant.

3. The specific evaluation requirements and quota of scholarships are subject to the notice issued in the same year.


Application materials

1. Application form (download in the attachment);

2. Transcripts and attendance records of the previous academic year (for advanced students in the previous semester);

3. Letter of recommendation from colleges and departments;

4. Other certificates or graphic materials certifying that the individual participated in various activities or awards in the previous academic year.

Note: The above application materials must be true and valid. If there is any fraud, once verified, the scholarship qualification will be canceled.


Review process

1. Students submit application materials to their department.

2. The college system will submit the application materials to the International Students Office for department review.

3. Organize interviews, review by relevant departments, and determine the list of scholarship students.

4. The admission result will be announced on the website of the International Students Office.

5. Grant scholarships and certificates.


Contact details

Contact: Teacher Sun Qi, Room 253, Physics Building, Zhongshan North Road Campus

Phone: 62232013


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