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Sino-Italian gastronomy contest


Italy has been closed for more than two months. Although the spring is just right, you can only look far away from the window. To keep teachers in a lively state of mind at home, and to add more good memories to everyone's expatriate experience, the Confucius Institute at the University of Turin launched a creative food competition.

The teachers of the Confucius Institute who were imprisoned at home by the epidemic took this opportunity to play new tricks on the classic dishes of China and Italy.

The entire competition was held online. Teachers from China and Italy showed their magical powers and made a dish that could integrate the cultures of the two countries and convey the friendship between the two countries.

The dishes were taken and participated in the competition in the form of photos. At the same time, everyone also created interesting background stories for the works.

Some teachers put a lot of effort into the dishes. A scallion pizza, the Chinese-Italian flag made of various ingredients, cleverly combined into a gossip pattern; Chinese dumplings are made into red, green, and white, just right.

An Italian flag is displayed; arancini, a specialty of Sicily, has also been made into the image of a cute panda, a national treasure. Other teachers put their minds on the collision of classic Chinese and Italian ingredients, such as Italian cheese Siu mai, curry risotto (risotto), etc., making everyone who can only look far away.

The Confucius Institute invited children from the online charity class to serve as the "judges" of the competition and asked them to choose their favorite dish. In the end, based on the votes of the small judges, the best story award, the best photography award, and the best creative award were selected.

The Confucius Institute also carefully prepared small gifts for the award-winning teachers as a heartwarming encouragement.

Although the food materials are limited at the moment of the epidemic, everyone is still creative and uses the existing tools around them to perfectly integrate the elements of the two countries to create a lively "cloud enjoy" meal.

At this difficult time, the Confucius Institute members who are far away in a foreign land still stick to their posts, work hard, and live with heart, hoping to pass on love and warmth through these foods and to overcome difficulties together with the people of the world.


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