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Approved key projects of National Social Science Fund

Recently, the National Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences released a list of major and key projects approved by the National Social Science Fund to study and explain the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party.

The project "Promoting the coordinated green development of energy supply side and consumption side and promoting the harmonious coexistence of man and nature" submitted by the team of Professor Shao Shuai of the School of Business of our school was awarded a major project of the National Social Science Fund.

"Research on Integrated Development Mechanism" was awarded a key project of the National Social Science Fund. The establishment of the major and key projects of the Social Science Fund is another breakthrough in the field of philosophy and social science research of the school.

Which has further enhanced the academic and social influence of the school in the fields of the energy economy, urban and rural development, etc. The development of the "Fourth Five-Year Plan" is a good start.

The “Research on Promoting the Coordinated Green Development of Energy Supply Side and Consumer Side to Promote the Harmonious Symbiosis of Man and Nature” is based on the major strategic needs of my country’s ecological civilization construction, with the improvement of environmental welfare performance as the specific goal.

And environmental equality, innovation integration, and industrial agglomeration as the focus To realize the path of coordinated green development between the energy supply side and the consumption side explore the internal connection and realization path of coordinated environmental governance, coordinated green innovation, and coordinated industrial transformation on the energy supply side and the consumption side.

The "Study on the Mechanism of Improving Urban-Rural Integration Development Mechanism" is dedicated to studying the dynamic mechanism, resource allocation mechanism, and benefit distribution mechanism in the development of urban-rural integration, scientifically constructing an urban-rural integration development system that integrates complementarity, co-construction, and sharing, and coordinated development, and studies and formulates to promote urban-rural integration Development strategies, systems and policies provide theoretical guidance and policy plans for the promotion of my country’s new urbanization and rural revitalization.

In recent years, the school attaches great importance to the construction and development of humanities and social sciences and strives to improve the ability to organize, plan and declare national-level major and key projects.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Division has continuously improved the humanities and social sciences scientific research management system and attaches great importance to the team incubation and development of major national-level projects.

In the application work, coordinate with all relevant units to actively mobilize, organize carefully, strengthen argumentation, and strengthen management.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the development of the humanities and social sciences of the school will conform to the requirements of the times and the needs of the people, take root in China, and strive to reflect the mission of Huali philosophy and social science workers to serve the party and the overall situation of the country.

The development idea of “teams and large teams serving to train major experts” accurately meets the major needs of the country, condenses the direction to highlight the characteristics, and solidly promotes the development of the humanities and social sciences of Huali.

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