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General training program

1. Application time

Autumn: before July 15 Spring: before January 15


2. Start time

Autumn: September Spring: February


3. Study period

One semester and above


4. Reasons for choosing Huali Advanced Education Program

(1) A well-known university located in downtown Shanghai

East China University of Science and Technology is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education, ranked top 5 in Shanghai


(2) Open, inclusive, and innovative urban culture

Shanghai International Financial Center ranks 4th in the world and one of the safest cities in the world


(3) Immersive learning experience

Classes with Chinese students, sharing university resources, and an international learning atmosphere


(4) Professional faculty team

Lectures by full-time professional teachers of East China University of Science and Technology


(5) Cost-effective accommodation

Single room in downtown Shanghai, with private bathroom, low price and high quality


(6) Employment opportunities to achieve potential

World-renowned companies gather in Shanghai, job opportunities are everywhere, and personal potential is released


5. Application conditions

Non-Chinese citizens who are 18 to 45 years old, have a high school diploma, and are in good health.


6. General Training Major

(1) Optional undergraduate or postgraduate majors
(2) Optional majors taught in Chinese or English
For undergraduate majors (taught in Chinese or English) please click
For master's degree (taught in Chinese), please click ; (taught in English) please click


7. Application materials

(1) Copy of passport

(2) High school graduation certificate (undergraduate course); undergraduate degree certificate (master course)

The original and photocopy in Chinese or English, or a notarized Chinese or English translation is required
(3) Transcripts of all courses of the highest degree
The original Chinese or English copy is required, or the original notarized Chinese or English translation
(4) Copy of HSK Level 4 and above certificate (for majors taught in Chinese)
(5) Proof of English proficiency (English-taught major)
(6) Registration fee: RMB 400
Payment can be made by bank transfer or on-site payment.
Regardless of whether you are admitted or not, the above application materials will not be returned.


8. Registration method

(1) Register and log in to


or http://ecust.17gz.org

(2) Fill out and apply online

(3) Pay the registration fee and upload the payment voucher

(4) Wait for the system admission result (3 working days after receiving the registration fee)

If you encounter any problems during the application process, please send an email to cie@ecust.edu.cn for consultation


9. Teaching location

(1) The first, second, and third-year undergraduate courses are taught on the Fengxian campus. The school provides a school bus service.
(2) Postgraduate and fourth-year undergraduate courses are taught on the Xuhui campus.


10. Admission and Registration

(1) Ten working days after the online application is approved, the admission notice and the "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" (JW202), and other admission materials can be obtained or sent by the school.

(2) The admitted applicants should take ordinary passports, "East China University of Science and Technology Admission Notice", and "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" (JW202 Form) to the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) to apply for an entry visa (X visa), And holding the above-mentioned materials, go to the Admissions and Academic Affairs Office of the School of International Education, East China University of Science and Technology to complete the admission procedures according to the time specified in the notice


11. Fee standard

General training program (RMB)
registry fee
400 yuan
Tuition (semester)
11,000 yuan; 13,000 yuan (art category)
Insurance fee (semester)
400 yuan
1) The registration fee is paid when the application materials are submitted, and once paid, it will not be refunded.
2) Tuition fees for each semester must be paid from the opening of the journal to the registration


12. Bank account number

Account name East China University of Science and Technology
Bank account number 033296-08017003862
Account Opening Bank Agricultural Bank of China Xuhui District Caoxi Sub-branch
Bank Address 30 Tianyaoqiao Road, Shanghai, China
Bank code ABOCCNBJ090
Remittance postscript Please indicate the application number


13. Contact

Admissions and Academic Affairs Office, School of International Education, East China University of Science and Technology
Address: Room 106, Lizhi Apartment, 130 Meilong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Post Code: 200237
Phone: 0086-21-64253277, 64253279
Fax: 0086-21-64252280
E-mail: cie@ecust.edu.cn


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