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International Exchange Week held successfully

From November 20th to 24th, the " East China University of Science and Technology 2nd International Exchange Week and Overseas Study and Education Exhibition " hosted by the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of our school was successfully held.

17 colleges and universities from the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries gathered with our students in the cloud to discuss the form of studying abroad under the epidemic. The overseas study abroad education exhibition attracted nearly 700 students.

This year's education exhibition kicked off with Professor Yang Guohua, a professor of Tsinghua University and an arbitrator of the World Trade Organization's appeals, "The Self-shaping of International Talents-Accidental and Inevitable".

In the lecture, based on his own experience, Professor Yang talked about the 4 necessary conditions for international talents, namely: study hard (work), proficiency in foreign languages, be proficient in professionalism, and have insight into current affairs.

After the lecture, Professor Yang also answered the questions of the students one by one. The report also attracted students from Tsinghua University, Peking University, and other domestic universities to participate, further enhancing the influence of our school.




In the following international partner university exchange activities, the world’s top universities such as Oxford University in the UK, Bristol University in the UK, Stony Brook University in the United States, Leuven University in Belgium, the University of Queensland in Australia, and the University of Auckland in New Zealand introduced the cooperation with our school to students Information about the project features, professional settings, admission requirements, the application process, and scholarships.




This event also invited the rigorous selection by the University of Oxford. Haochen Qiao, an undergraduate of the School of Biotechnology, and Jiang Yue, an undergraduate of the Faculty of Science who are currently studying in the school, shared their application experience and their learning experience at Oxford University, encouraging students The school girls lay a good foundation, belief in themselves, have the courage to try, live up to the time, and use what they have learned to return to the society.




Through a series of lectures and exchanges with world-class universities, students have a better understanding of how to become international talents and have a better understanding of our school’s overseas (overseas) study abroad programs, as well as information on overseas universities, professional rankings, and application conditions. . This activity laid the foundation for students to open up their international horizons.

This year, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, students’ international exchanges have been hindered to a certain extent. As the epidemic becomes more normal, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office has taken the initiative to take advantage of the trend and continue to innovate working models, actively build a platform for students to participate in international exchanges, and promote international exchanges. Cooperation and exchanges work smoothly.

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