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Medical and insurance


1. Xuhui campus hospital: west side of the school gate

2. Fengxian campus hospital: the west side of the north gate of the school

3. Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University: 180 Fenglin Road, Tel: 021-64041990,


4. Shanghai International Travel Health Care Center, No. 15 Jinbang Road, Changning District, an online appointment for physical examinationhttps://online.shhg12360.cn/sites/


International Student Insurance

According to the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education of China, all foreign students studying at East China University of Science and Technology should purchase the "Comprehensive Insurance for International Students in China". The insurance fee is 400 yuan per semester and 800 yuan per academic year (subject to the latest fee standards announced by the insurance company), which are paid by the international students themselves and paid online by the students themselves. Payment URL:http://www.lxbx.net, The account name is the passport number.

Scholarship international students present their passports and other materials when registering, and the college will purchase them on their behalf.

For information on the specific terms of insurance, insurance liability, and claim settlement methods, please visit the websitehttp://www.lxbx.net, check and download relevant information.

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