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Participate in summer study exchange activities

In the summer of 2019, under the organization of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, 132 undergraduates from our school went to Oxford University, the University of Birmingham, Cornell University, the Aachen University of Technology, Germany, the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, and the University of British Columbia, Canada.

18 world-renowned universities including the Queensland University of Technology in Australia participated in the 2-4 week summer international exchange program.




Summer international exchange programs are mainly carried out in the form of course learning, academic lectures, language training, practical visits, cultural experience, and social development, etc., aiming to expand students' international vision and enhance students' international communication skills.




By participating in the summer program, students will personally experience the education and teaching system of overseas universities, dialogue with academic masters, experience the history, culture, and folk customs of the destination country, and work hand in hand with students from all over the world to complete the various studies arranged by the organizer Report on tasks and results, and finally get a certificate of completion.



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