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Undergraduate Project

1. Application time

Before June 30, 2021


2. Start time

September 2021


3. Study period

4 years


4. Application conditions

(1) Non-Chinese citizens who are 18 to 35 years old, have a high school diploma and are in good health.

(2) The Chinese language requirement for undergraduate Chinese-taught majors is HSK Level 4 ( above 180 points) and above.

     If you fail to meet this requirement, you can study Chinese in our school first.

(3) The English level of undergraduate courses taught in English must meet any of the following conditions:

1 ) The native language or official language of the country is English

2 ) IELTS 5.5

3 ) TOEFL 60

TOEFL & TOEFL My best scores are both acceptable, Huali’s TOEFL institution code: C473


5. Application materials

(1) Passport and photo

(2) High school graduation certificate

(3) High school transcript

(4) Proof of language proficiency

1 ) Majors taught in Chinese: Copy of HSK Level 4 and above certificate

2 ) Majors taught in English: Copy of IELTS or TOEFL scores

(5) Registration fee ( 600 yuan) transfer voucher

(6) In addition to the above application materials, supplementary materials shall be provided when necessary.

Those who have not obtained a graduation certificate at the time of application can first provide the pre-graduation certificate issued by the high school as the application materials, and provide the graduation certificate before the formal registration.

All the above certification materials must be submitted in Chinese or English copies or notarized Chinese or English translations, and the originals must be presented at the time of registration.

The above application materials will not be returned regardless of admission.


6. Advantage disciplines

(1) Chemistry/material science/engineering/biology and biochemistry/pharmacology and toxicology/agricultural science/computer science

According to the international ranking of the "Basic Science Indicators" database (ESI) of the US Institute of Science and Technology, East China University of Science and Technology has 7 disciplines among the top percent of the world, namely chemistry, materials science, engineering, biology and biochemistry, and pharmacology And toxicology, agricultural science, computer science, and chemistry have entered the ranks of one-thousandth.


(2) Chemical Engineering and Technology/Chemistry

"Chemical Engineering and Technology" is the first major in mainland China to be certified by ABET, and "Chemistry" is the first major in mainland China to be certified by the Sino-Russian joint international science major.


(3) Business School

The business school was accredited by AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) in 2020, and the accreditation period is 5 years; in 2014, it passed the “China High-Quality MBA Education Certification”, becoming the first batch in China to pass this one of the seven accredited universities; obtained the initial accreditation of AMBA (Association of MBAs) in 2011, and unconditionally passed the re-accreditation with the maximum five-year validity period in 2012 and 2017 respectively.


(4) School of Art Design and Media

The College of Art is currently a member of Cumulus (the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design, and Media), the International Association of Design Colleges. It has won many international design awards such as the Red Dot Award and the IF Award in recent years.


7. Undergraduate majors

English-taught undergraduate majors

College and website professional title
School of Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering and Technology
Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering
School of Resources and Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering
College of Information Science and Engineering computer science and Technology
School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering Applied Chemistry
Business school international economy and trading


Chinese-taught undergraduate majors

College and website professional title
School of Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering and Technology
Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering
School of Biological Engineering Biological Engineering
Food science and engineering
food quality and safety
School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering Chemistry
Applied Chemistry
material chemistry
Fine Chemicals
College of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Engineering
material science and Engineering School inorganic non-metal material engineering
polymer material and engineering
Composite materials and engineering
New energy materials and devices
School of Resources and Environmental Engineering Energy and Power Engineering
School of Mechanical and Power Engineering Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation
Material Processing and Control Engineering
Process Equipment and Control Engineering
College of Information Science and Engineering Electrical Engineering and Automation
Information Engineering
computer science and Technology
Software engineering
Intelligent Science and Technology
Faculty of Science Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Information and Computing Science
Applied Physics
Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering
School of Art Design and Media industrial design
landscape garden
Visual communication design
Environmental design
product design
Digital Media Art
Foreign Language School English language
Law school Jurisprudence
School of Social and Public Administration (Chinese proficiency requirement: HSK Level 5 and above 190 points) social work
Public Service Management
Administrative management
labor and Social Security

Business school
(For international students who are currently overseas,

(Only apply for business administration major)

Economics (including economics and finance majors)
Management Science and Engineering (including information management and information system, engineering management, logistics management)
Business Administration (including majors in Business Administration, Marketing, and Human Resource Management)
Accounting (including accounting and financial management majors)


8. Scholarship

(1) Newborn

Chinese Government Scholarship (Apply through the Chinese Embassy in the country where the applicant is located. The application time is generally from January to April each year. Please check in advance. When filling in the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form", please go to "Applying Institutions" Fill in the East China University of Science and Technology in the column, the school code is 10251. The application website is https://www.csc.edu.cn )

Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship ( Part B ) (apply to the scholarship website http://study.edu.sh.gov.cn/apply/, print the application form online and sign; on the Huali website HTTP:// Apply.ecust.edu.cn to apply, including uploading a signed scholarship application form)

Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship ( 1+4 Preparatory Student Program) (contact cie@ecust.edu.cn by email)

Dean Scholarship of International Education College (contact cie@ecust.edu.cn by email)


(2) On-campus students

East China University of Science and Technology Outstanding Student Scholarship for International Students in China (application website msg.php?id=486 )

East China University of Science and Technology International Student Enterprise Scholarship


9. Application process



10. Teaching location

The first, second, and third grades of undergraduate courses are mainly taught on the Fengxian campus. According to different professional arrangements, some courses are taught on the main campus of Xuhui. Return to Xuhui main campus for classes in the fourth year of undergraduate). The school provides a free school bus service.


11. Fee standard

registry fee

600 yuan

Tuition (School Year)

22000 yuan

26,000 yuan (art category)

Insurance fee (school year)

800 yuan

*The registration fee is paid when the application materials are submitted, and once paid, it will not be refunded.

* Tuition fees for each academic year must be paid from the opening of the journal to the registration  


12. Online payment

Domestic: WeChat/ Alipay

Overseas: VISA/ Mastercard/ JCB (Handling fees are at your own expense)


13. Bank transfer payment

Account name East China University of Science and Technology
Account No: 033296-08017003862
Bank Name: Agricultural Bank of China, Xuhui District, Caoxi Sub-branch
Bank Address: 30 Tian Yao Qiao Road, Shanghai, China
Bank code ABOCCNBJ090
Remittance postscript Please indicate the application number


14. Contact

Admissions and Academic Affairs Office, School of International Education, East China University of Science and Technology

Address: 130 Meilong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China Post Code: 200237

Phone: 0086-21-64253277 , 64253279

Fax: 0086-21-64252280

E-mail: cie@ecust.edu.cn

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