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Hold the unveiling ceremony

On the morning of April 22, on the occasion of the 52nd Earth Day, the opening ceremony of China’s first "Waste Plastic Recycling and Environmental Protection Road" jointly created by East China University of Science and Technology, Dow Chemical Company, and the "Daily Fresh" brand Held in Xuhui campus. Li Tao, vice president of East China University of Science and Technology, attended the unveiling ceremony.




In his speech, Li Tao stated that the "Waste Plastic Recycling and Environmental Protection Road" of Huali Campus is a positive action in response to the country's sustainable development and the promotion of green engineering education concepts. And schools to promote "green travel" "garbage" "CD Action".

As modified asphalt made from plastic waste for road paving, indicating that our school is not only a vocal advocate of environmental protection but also pragmatic philosophy of environmental protection Practitioner.




The construction and construction of the waste plastic recycling environmental protection road are organized by the Infrastructure Department of our school and laid around a canteen on the Xuhui campus.

The modified asphalt used is made using Dow Chemical’s ELVALOY RET asphalt modification technology, mixed with about 200 kg of recycled plastic bottles. It is an organic fusion of green campus road construction, new chemical technology, and waste plastic recycling. 

It is the first domestic road for environmentally friendly recycling of waste plastics. I school to respond positively to the establishment of the national green low-carbon development cycle of the economic system, to promote China's first environmentally friendly waste plastic recycling road landing Rick campus, dedicated to advancing the future will continue to explore and green engineering education.

Our school’s Party Committee Propaganda Department, Alumni and Development Liaison Office, Infrastructure Office, School Youth League Committee, Logistics Support Office, and the Environmental Protection Association of the School of Resources and Environmental Sciences, and the student volunteers of the Huali Life Association also participated in this event.

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