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Hold the promotion meeting of the new crown virus vaccination

On the morning of May 8, our school held a new crown virus vaccination work promotion meeting in Wuyi Hall to study and implement the new crown vaccination work plan for school teachers, students, and employees, and organize the deployment of the new crown vaccination work. Zeng Huaping, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Relevant persons in charge of the relevant functional departments, school hospitals, neighborhood committees, and the deputy secretaries of the colleges attended the meeting.




The meeting conveyed the requirements of the Provincial Department of Education and Fuzhou City on the new crown virus vaccination work and listened to the report of the school prevention and control office, the Qishan campus, and the Anxi campus on the implementation of the new crown vaccination preparation work. The meeting requested that each campus should earnestly follow the deployment arrangements of the territorial government and actively carry out the new crown vaccination work under the guidance of the territorial health management department. All units must strengthen their understanding, mobilize through multiple channels, do a good job in disseminating vaccination-related policies and scientific knowledge, forming a good atmosphere conducive to vaccination work, achieving “everything should be done”, and making every effort to build an immune barrier for the campus population.


The meeting emphasized three requirements for organizing and carrying out the new crown vaccination work: First, it should be closely connected and make solid preparations before vaccination. It is necessary to actively contact the local government and the disease control department, communicate fully, and carefully prepare the inoculation site layout and related materials and equipment under the guidance of the local department. The second is the division of labor and coordination to ensure the smooth and orderly COVID-19 vaccination work. All relevant departments should perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities, and the stationed workgroups should be in front of the command, scientifically arrange, and orderly organize teachers and students to complete the inoculation in batches. The third is to organize carefully and implement the inoculation work. The Prevention and Control Office shall further refine the work plan to ensure that the service is meticulous and thoughtful, and the vaccination process is orderly; each unit shall assign a person to be responsible for the connection and coordination of the personnel at the vaccination site, and inform the recipients of the relevant precautions in advance to ensure smooth vaccination. carry out.


It is reported that the school's teachers, students, and staff will officially start to receive the first dose of the new coronavirus vaccine from May 10.


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