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Doctoral Program Application Guide

List of application materials

1. Application Form

2. A scanned copy of the front and back of the ID card

3. The electronic version of the full-color front photo without a hat (white or blue ID photo)

4. Scanned copies of bachelor's and master's degree certificates

5. Scanned copy of bachelor's and master's graduation transcripts

6. Brief description of the research topic to be carried out (1-2 pages)

7. Two recommendation letters for senior titleholders

8. Registration fee of 1,000 yuan

Remarks: Items 6-8 can be submitted during the interview at the latest.

(The 2022 Sino-Portuguese Ph.D. The program is now accepting applications. Deadline for registration: October 30, 2021)


Exams and admissions

The entrance exam will be based on the interview-based exam format of EU universities. Southern Medical University and the University College of Lisbon in Portugal (ISCTE-IUL) jointly form the "Qualification Review Committee" to conduct comprehensive evaluation and interviews of applicants, mainly including the applicant's learning ability, professional achievements, leadership skills, and personal potential, and select the best for admission.

Note: There is a limit of 25 students per year.


ways of registration

Applicants can choose to submit the electronic version or mail the paper version to submit the application materials.

1. Electronic version submission: please send to

2. Paper version mailing:

Address: Room 203, School of Health Management, Teaching District, No. 1838, Guangzhou Avenue North, Guangzhou

The Sino-Portuguese Joint Public Health Policy and Management Doctorate Program in the School of Health Management, Southern Medical University

Zipcode: 510515

Phone: 020-62789482

The registration fee can be paid at the exam site or remitted in advance to:

Receiving unit: Southern Medical University

Account Bank: Bank of China Tonghe Sub-branch

Account number: 632757745044

Remarks indicate: Sino-Portuguese cooperative doctoral degree program + name

(If you choose to remit in advance, please call the staff in time after the remittance is successful)


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