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Graduation ceremony 

On June 29, the graduation ceremony and degree-granting ceremony for the 2020 international students of Southern Medical University in China were held in the courtyard on the first floor of the second building of the student apartment. At the time of the epidemic, in order to strengthen prevention and control, and reduce risks, our hospital specially arranged for the graduation ceremony to be held outdoors. Vice President Wen Mingang, Dean of International Education College Chen Jun, Party Branch Secretary Man Qiang, Vice Deans Cao Shanying and Du Hua, representatives of graduates studying in China and related personnel attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Cao Shanying, deputy dean of the School of International Education.


Although the scale of the graduation ceremony was small, it was full of rituals, simple but warm. The colorful exhibition boards, lively music, and brilliant smiles make the scene always permeated with a cheerful and lively atmosphere. Dean Chen Jun issued a degree certificate to the graduate representative, and Vice President Wen Mingang set aside Su Zhengguan and took a group photo for the graduate representative. Subsequently, Secretary Man Qiang issued certificates to outstanding graduates, and the leaders of the institute including Vice President Cao Shanying and Vice President Du Hua presented souvenirs and good wishes to the graduate representatives.


The wonderful memories of international students at Nanjing Medical University were scrolled on the big screen. In just a few years, under the guidance of their teachers, they explored the mysteries of the medical world, experienced the landscape of scientific research, and felt the "life is paramount". Feelings, have experienced the charm of Chinese culture, and have overcome the many tests brought about by the epidemic. At the end of the ceremony, there was a melodious singing of "Dream it possible" with guitar accompaniment to the audience. We wish the graduate students a bright future, and we also believe that they have a bright future.


A total of 69 international students from our school graduated successfully this year, of which 32 were awarded a master's degree in public health, 4 were awarded a master's degree in medicine, and 33 were awarded a bachelor's degree in medicine. We look forward to all the graduates returning from their studies, working hard, serving the country and the people, and contributing more wisdom and strength to building a community with a shared future for mankind.


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