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The Southern Medical University Library was born with the establishment of the school and changed with the school's changes. It has been renamed: 1951 Northeast Military Region Military Medical School Library, Eleventh Military Medical Middle School Library, Eleventh Military Medical School Library, Qiqihar in 1958 The library of the Medical College, the library of the Qiqihar Medical College of the People's Liberation Army in 1962, the library of the Qiqihar Military Medical College in 1965, the library of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Medical College in 1966, and the library of the First Military Medical University in 1975. In August 2004, it was restructured with the school as a whole and changed to the current name of Southern Medical University Library.


Southern Medical University Library adheres to the four-in-one development model of "resources, service, management, and technology". It is one of the six resource centers of the Science and Technology Novelty Retrieval Workstation (Y01) of the Ministry of Education and the Digital Document Resource Sharing Service System of Higher Educational Institutions in Guangdong Province— —Medical Digital Resource Center and the chairman unit of the Service Innovation Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Colleges and Universities Library and Information Work Steering Committee. Including the school headquarters and Shunde two library areas, with a total construction area of 44,661 square meters; the library currently has 41 staff members, with a learning support department, a literature acquisition department, a reference and consulting department, a comprehensive business department, a decision-making information department, Intellectual Property Information Service Department and Medical Information Science Teaching and Research Section 6 Departments and 1 Office; 2 library leaders, including 1 curator and party branch secretary, and 1 deputy curator.


Collection characteristics

As the "Medical Digital Resource Center" of the "Guangdong Medical Digital Education and Teaching Resource Center" and the "211 Project" Phase III of the Guangdong Provincial Colleges and Universities Digital Literature Resource Sharing Service System, as of January 2021, the cumulative amount of library literature resources is 4.77 million Booklet; owns world authoritative comprehensive medical journals such as SCIE (Science Citation Index), Science, Nature, JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine), Lancet (Lancet), BMJ (British Medical Journal), Foreign language core journals, e-books, laboratory guides, clinician exam question banks, surgical videos, anatomical atlases, and other databases of various medical disciplines; self-built Nanyin Hospital's Scholars Library, Southern Medicine Dissertation Database, Southern Medicine Professional Course Electronic Textbook Library, Southern Medicine The medical institution knowledge base and subject resource network, etc., have formed a collection resource system focusing on biomedical literature, covering literature, history, philosophy, politics, economics, law, education, management and other disciplines, basically realizing the digital construction of collection resources the goal.


Service for readers From 2007 to 2008, as the school headquarters and the Shunde campus two new museums were completed and opened successively, it has provided better support conditions for the school's teaching, scientific research, and medical construction and development. The library implements an integrated management and service model of collection, borrowing, and reading. The two library areas have 4,700 reading seats, more than 40 seminar rooms, and 180 computers for readers. The weekly opening time reaches 98 hours, and the test period is even higher. In 105 hours, the library receives more than 1.6 million readers annually, and the website has 3 million visits.


In addition to the traditional reading areas for books, newspapers, and electronics, the document layout also has a classic reading area, a gift exchange area, a graduate donation area, and a leisure space. In addition, the two museum buildings have achieved full wireless network coverage, and by enabling self-service printing, copying and scanning, self-service loan and return, and seamless docking with access control, the reading seat management system, seminar room management system, video passenger flow system, and in-building The information release system and the voice alarm system for smoke control guards provide readers with a more personalized, humane and intelligent comfortable space and convenient services. At the end of 2020, with the support of the second phase of the "bank-school cooperation" project, the library completed the upgrade and transformation of multiple projects such as the gates, seat selection system, and seminar room management system in the two library areas. The library fully supports credit cards, The two-dimensional code and face recognition triple authentication mode, self-service printing and copying, book borrowing and returning and lending card processing, self-service storage, and other functional facilities are more intelligent and convenient, and the card-free enjoyment of the library has become a reality.


In recent years, the library has focused on expanding new service methods and increasing the connotation of knowledge services. Through the development of subject librarian services, strengthen the connection between the library and the colleges, and further strengthen the library's document information service function; through the development of online new book recommendation, appointment renewal, and virtual reference consultation services, it can meet the daily needs of all teachers and students of the school. Information needs; through the development of digital libraries, mobile libraries And VPN remote access services to meet the needs of users inside and outside the school to query and use library resources and services 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere; through the construction of the "Ministry of Education Science and Technology Novelty Search Workstation", it can meet the scientific research projects and scientific and technological achievements of scientific researchers inside and outside the school. In-depth intelligence needs such as novelty search, inspection and inspection, document delivery, paper repetition rate detection, and paper polishing; through more than 20 years of international book exchange work, to meet the collection construction needs of Taiwan and Japanese journals; through cooperation with China’s higher education Educational Documentation Security System (CALIS), CALIS National Medical Literature Resources Co-construction Common Knowledge Sharing Network, Shanghai Library, and other units have established literature service links to promote resource co-construction and sharing, and strengthen literature security.


User education

As one of the first units in the country to offer medical literature retrieval courses, in 1979, it offered lectures on library utilization and foreign retrieval publications for the whole school’s readers. In 1994, the medical information science teaching and research section was established. The teaching and research section attaches great importance to the standardized construction of medical information retrieval courses, and ranks at the forefront of higher medical schools in the country in terms of teaching objects, teaching methods, and teaching content. At present, "Medical Information Acquisition and Management" is offered for undergraduates and master's students, and "Medical Information Retrieval & Management" courses are offered in English for international clinical medical students. In addition, free lectures on "digital resource training", "new students admission education", and "send training to the department" are also offered to readers all year round. In 2001, "Research and Practice on the "Three, Four, and Five" Teaching Mode of Medical Postgraduate Document Retrieval Course" won the third prize of the Army’s Excellent Teaching Achievement. Since 2004, one person has won the honorary title of "Outstanding Teacher of Southern Medicine", and 14 persons have been awarded the first, second, and third prizes for excellent teaching of the school. "Medical Information Acquisition and Management" has successively won the Guangdong Province Excellent Resource Sharing Course, Guangdong Province Postgraduate Demonstration Course, Guangdong Province Characteristic Education, and Teaching Reform, Guangdong Province Higher Education Research and Reform, and other projects.


Scientific research work Since 2004, more than 100 teaching and scientific research papers have been published. At the same time, the article "Finding the Evidence for Therapeutic PICO Questions on Four Electronic Resources" was published in the British "Library Review", which achieved a breakthrough in the zero publication of international papers in our library. ; As the editor-in-chief unit, responsible for the compilation and publication of "Medical Literature Retrieval", "Medical Information Acquisition and Management", "Modern Medical Information Retrieval", "Network Medical Information Retrieval and Publication", "Medical Information Retrieval and Utilization", "Modern "Network Medical Technology", "Biomedical Search Engine and Network Information Resource Construction", "Medical Information Retrieval and Management", "Methods and Methods of Medical Information Collection", "Modern Medical Information Retrieval", "Medical Library Science" and other textbooks And the monograph, participated in the compilation of the textbook "Medical Information Retrieval" (for specialties) and "Medical Library Theory and Practice" planned by the Ministry of Health. In 2006, "Biomedical Search Engine and Network Information Resources Construction" won the third prize of the Third National Educational Science Outstanding Research Achievement; "Comparative Evaluation and Development and Utilization of Biomedical Search Engines" won the third prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award. He has presided over the third-phase public service system construction project of Guangdong Province "211" Project, the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" Project of Education and Research of Guangdong Province, the Construction Project of Continuing Education System of Higher Schools of Guangdong Province, the Science and Technology Planning Project of Guangdong Province, and the Ph.D. Start-up project, Guangdong Provincial Medical Research Fund Project, 863 Project Sub-project, Provincial Department of Health Project, Provincial Department of Education Project, Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Paper Express Project, Ministry of Health Overseas Student Fund Project, and Provincial University Modern Education Technology "151 "For the research of engineering projects, more than 6 million yuan has been obtained for research funding into the school.



In order to vigorously guide readers to approach the library, learn about the library, use the library, promote the school reading style, and create a campus cultural atmosphere that loves reading and advocating learning, since 2007, the library has held the "World Book Day" on April 23 every year. "As an opportunity, we organized, planned and implemented a series of publicity and promotion monthly activities with the theme of "Approaching the Library" around the sub-themes of book guidance, electronic resource promotion, document resource construction, reader civilized behavior norms, and reader interaction. The orientation mobilizes and enhances the enthusiasm and initiative of the readers to read and use the library, and improves the cultural literacy and information quality of the readers. The "Approach to the Library" series of campus cultural brand activities focused on the continuous innovation and practice of form and content. So far, it has been held for ten consecutive sessions, which has had a greater impact on the school's readers.


Foreign exchanges In October 2010, the Southern Medical University Library and the Yu Zhenqiang Medical Library of the University of Hong Kong established a cooperative relationship of book and periodicals exchange. In June 2011, the two parties carried out book exchange for the first time, which successfully opened the book exchange between the library and overseas university libraries. The first step. In August 2012, the library and the Taipei Medical University Library formed a "sister library" and signed a formal cooperation agreement. The two parties agreed to conduct comprehensive cooperation in resource sharing, interlibrary loan, document delivery, periodical exchange, book donation, and personnel visits based on equality and mutual benefit. In the future, the library will further deepen exchanges and cooperation with libraries from all over the world and regions, and seek common development and progress in exchanges.


Club management

From 2009 to 2010, the Book Friends Association and the Library Volunteer Organization under the guidance of the library were successively established. With the aim of "Pursuing Beauty, Freedom, Passion, Happiness, and Wisdom in Life Together", the Friends of Reading Association has successfully held a series of activities such as book drifting, "Education Cup" knowledge challenge, editing and publishing collections of essays. The volunteer organization is to overcome the practical difficulties of the shortage of librarians. Based on the school’s 100 student assistants, it recruits student volunteers to assist in the management of current journals, collection retrieval services, and collection of readers’ opinions and suggestions. In recent years, the unpaid service of volunteers has injected vitality and vitality into the work of the library and has become a bridge and link between the library and readers.


Yunshan pearl water conceives talents, and the majestic chapter is written by a lofty institution. The librarians of Southern Medical University will continue to carry forward the university spirit of “Integrity and pragmatism, continuous self-improvement, daring to be the first, and pursuit of excellence” by the University of Southern Medical University. Guided by the working spirit of “Serving you and pursuing excellence”, with an international vision and comprehensiveness Relying on the development of the library concept, with the goal of building a "knowledge service-oriented digital library", we strive to promote the improvement and development of various tasks with meticulous, caring and exquisite service practices, and wholeheartedly provide teachers and students with more complete Science and technology literature information assurance and better literature information services.

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