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Master Program

Project Description

Southern Medical University (SMU) and the University College of Lisbon, Portugal (ISCTE-IUL), jointly established in 2011, the Master of Medicine and Health Management Study Abroad Program was established in 2011 to cultivate an understanding of the operation rules of the medicine and health industry, and systematic study and mastery of management knowledge and skills. Of compound talents with international vision.

1. Under the background of the "Healthy China" strategy, there is an increasing demand for high-quality medical and health management personnel based on China's national conditions and with an international perspective;

2. Responding to the national "One Belt One Road" initiative, integrate the superior educational resources of the two schools, and promote the training of medical management talents;

3. Global vision, Chinese and Western integration, focus on health management, apply what you have learned, and serve the society.


Project Benefits

1. Strong teaching staff

ISCTE-IUL has strong management education teachers, and it has the most teachers with doctorate degrees in management in Portugal. Many faculty members of the school have obtained doctoral degrees in management from prestigious European and American institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London Business School, and Manchester University. In terms of management discipline construction and development, the school advocates the combination of discipline construction and application.


2. Master's exchange students/dual degree platform

Established dual degree programs with 22 universities in 17 countries around the world, as well as 450 exchange programs, providing students with a broader international platform for further studies: students who successfully applied for a master's dual degree/exchange program while studying in Portugal, After completing the one-year ISCTE-IUL course, you will start a one-semester/one-year study life in the second academic year.

*Most of the master's exchange students/dual degree programs do not need to pay additional tuition, and there is a chance to receive an ISCTE-IUL school subsidy


3. Broad employment opportunities

The quality of ISCTE-IUL education is widely recognized by society. The employment rate of its management graduates is relatively high. 98% of graduates are employed within three months of graduation.

For project students, 34% of the students who returned to China after graduation was employed in hospitals and health management agencies, 19% and 12% were employed in foreign companies and institutions, 8% were in banks and financial institutions, and entrepreneurs and other industries were employed respectively. 4% and 23%.


4. Domestic study year, lay a solid foundation

The first year of the project course is set up in Southern Medical University, and the students are managed by the school team. During the study at Southern Medical University, in addition to the core courses in the UK, there will be additional lectures by experts in the field of medical and health and intensive English courses to consolidate the core foundation and make full preparations for studying abroad.


Target of enrollment

1. Bachelor degree or above, past graduates;

2. Students who are interested in management, human resources, marketing, technology, and service management;

3. Some students who are about to enter the graduating class of the undergraduate, who have passed the entrance examination organized by Southern Medical University, can study the first year of the project at the same time in the final year of the undergraduate.


Application materials

1. Application form (add SMUIPO WeChat request);

2. Certificate of English Achievement (Test scores of English test taken, such as Certificate of CET-4 and CET-6 test scores);

3. One resume in both Chinese and English;

4. A scanned copy of the undergraduate graduation certificate, degree certificate, and undergraduate transcript (for undergraduates in the graduating class, only the transcript is required).

***Please package and send the electronic version of the above-required materials to Teacher Wu’s mailbox:

***Registration fee: 500 yuan (paid according to the teacher's guidelines after the initial review of the materials).


Entrance examination

Applicants who have passed the preliminary review of the application materials submitted can participate in the Entrance examination organized by Southern Medical University. The entrance examination is based on ISCTE-IUL admissions standards, using a combination of written examinations and all-English interviews to select the best candidates.


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