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Thank you letter

A Persian woman who suffered a sudden illness was fortunate to be helped by an international student from our school, handwriting a thank-you letter in Persian


On November 5th, a thank-you letter written in Persian was sent to the emergency department of Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University. In the letter, Ms. Khadija of Iran expressed gratitude to the medical team of Zhujiang Hospital for timely treatment and careful care.

Hadijia is an Iranian, in her 50s, and recently came to Guangzhou to participate in the Canton Fair with her husband and stayed in a hotel near the Zhujiang Hospital.

On the afternoon of November 4, she came to Zhujiang Hospital for treatment because of sudden knee pain when she was alone in the hotel. Unexpectedly, as soon as he walked to the entrance of the hospital parking lot, he fell due to unbearable pain and was unable to stand on his own. Deng Qian, the parking lot toll collector who was on duty at the side, saw this and immediately stepped forward to help her up.

Hadijia didn’t understand Chinese and could not speak English. She could only speak Persian. When she pointed to her knees, her expression was painful and she could not walk normally. Deng Qian realized that she was coming to seek medical treatment, so she helped and sent her away. Into the courtyard.

Ben was about to send Hadijia to the outpatient clinic, but she pointed to the elevator in the inpatient department. Thinking she had contacted the doctor, Deng Qian accompanied her to the inpatient department.

By mistake, the two came to the oncology department. Because the doctor He Kefei who received the consultation was unable to communicate with the patient, Li Weiwei, the chief medical officer on duty, asked for help from a group of young doctors. Soon, they learned that Segaard, a foreign student of General Surgery Professor Li Zhou, knew Persian, and got in touch with him.

With the help of Segaard’s phone call, it turned out that Hadijia was attending the Canton Fair with her husband. His main symptoms were unbearable knee and leg pain and a history of rheumatism.

Because he couldn't get more details about the patient, Segard was out of town at the time and could not rush back to Guangzhou the next morning. Hadijia asked to go back to the hotel first and wait for Segard to arrive at the hospital at 9 o'clock the next day before coming back. See a doctor.

Dr. He Kefei prescribed several painkillers to this foreign friend to relieve the pain. Since Hadijia didn't know the local mobile phone number in Guangzhou that her husband had handled, and could not contact her husband, He Kefei sent her back to her residence near the hospital.

On the morning of November 5th, the patient came to the emergency department of Zhujiang Hospital. Professor Yang Jiancheng, the deputy chief physician of the Department of Arthritis and Bone Disease Surgery, came for a consultation.

With the help of Segaard, an international student, Yang Jiancheng learned about the patient's situation. Physical examination revealed that the upper and lower edges of the medial patella of the patient became pointed, the joint capsule was swollen, and about 50 ml of fluid was drawn from the knee. Professor Yang Jiancheng initially judged that the patient had acute onset of arthritis and synovitis and edema.

Because she couldn't know the patient's more detailed medical history, and she herself refused to take the medicine. In order to prevent the effusion from oozing out and to relieve the pain, Professor Yang Jiancheng gave Hadijia an intra-articular injection of drugs.

After tossing around, Segard finally contacted Hadijia's husband. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, he rushed to the hospital anxiously. Seeing that his wife was fine, he finally relaxed.

He repeatedly thanked the medical staff of Zhujiang Hospital: "I am so grateful." Later, Hadijia's symptoms were significantly reduced and he was discharged from the hospital with her husband.


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