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Great achievements

Recently, the winners of the "Reciting China" Classics Reciting Contest of the Second Chinese Classics Reciting and Speaking Contest in Fujian Province were announced, and our school's international students in China have achieved great results. The anti-epidemic work "Because of You" was read by Kelvin Stefan Osafo, a Ghanaian international student from our school, a class of 2016 MBBS major, and Temichristy Dennis Obitulata, a Nigerian international student from a class of 2019 MBBS major in China (Temichristy Dennis Obitulata). "Thirty-Three" stood out from more than 700 entries in the province, won the second and third prizes in the international student group, and successfully entered the national competition.


Inheriting the excellent Chinese culture and praising the great spirit of the times, our school’s international students expressed their love for China, the praise of the people fighting the epidemic, and the respect for the classic Chinese culture through their wonderful interpretation in the "Reading China" classic recitation competition. This competition allowed the international students of our school to enter the Chinese classics, felt the charm of Chinese language and culture firsthand, enhanced their love of Chinese language and characters, improved their Chinese literacy and application ability of Chinese language and characters, and promoted our school. International students in China have played an active role in inheriting Chinese classics and promoting Chinese excellent culture.

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