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Participate in epidemic prevention activities

Recently, our school's 2016 MBBS international students in China, Donald Tafadzwa Chikomo, Panashe Makota, Tsitsi Ruvai, and Pamela Marahwa took the initiative to participate in the hospital's epidemic prevention and control, temperature measurement registration, and other work during the internship, demonstrating the application of medical science and the active participation Young people who continue to prevent the epidemic.


The above-mentioned students are both excellent in character and learning and willing to help others when they are in school. Although they have a different skin color from ours, they have personally practiced the valuable spirit of friendship and mutual assistance among the people of the world and overcoming difficulties together. Unity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon to defeat the epidemic. As long as the Chinese and foreign people uphold the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, watch and help each other and join hands to fight the epidemic, all countries will come out of the haze of the epidemic together and welcome a better tomorrow.



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