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Excellent intern scholarship

1. Scholarship content and standards

To cultivate the spirit of “Knowing China and Friends of China, Abiding by Laws, Studying Diligently, and Being Active”, and encouraging self-financed undergraduate international students in China to study hard, earnestly perform clinical internships, make continuous progress in their studies, and achieve excellent results, Fujian is specially established. Outstanding interns scholarships for international students from medical universities in China. Each person is 2,000 yuan per time, and the number of candidates each time is 10% of the number of clinical interns in each hospital.


2. Open professional

Full-time undergraduate self-financed foreign students in China who have obtained enrollment in our school


3. Applicant qualifications

(1) Comply with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, and abide by the rules and regulations of Fujian Medical University and Overseas Education College.

(2) During the award period, no warnings or penalties have been given for violation of school discipline or school rules.

(3) During the award period, there are no arrears of tuition, accommodation, insurance, and other expenses.

(4) The main selection basis is the examination results of the subject, and the results are ranked from high to low, and those with high rankings will be given priority.

(5) All subjects must pass the examinations without missing or make-up examinations.

(6) Conscientiously complete the internship content specified in the internship syllabus, abide by the rules and regulations of the internship hospital, obey the teaching arrangements of the internship hospital and the teaching teacher, and have no unexcused absences and no medical accidents.


4. Application date

There will be one selection after each round of examinations, and a total of three selections during the clinical practice period.


5. Application process/approach

(1) Counselors and academic staff of overseas education colleges cooperate with the teaching office of the clinical medical school to organize a list of recommended primary selections.

(2) The college's student reward review work leadership team conducts a preliminary evaluation, and the preliminary evaluation list will be announced in the college for 3 working days.

(3) The initial evaluation list without any objection shall be submitted to the school's leading group for the review of the award for international students in China for approval, and the results of the scholarship selection will be announced 3 working days after the approval list is publicized in the school.


6. Receiving department

International Student Affairs Office of Fujian Medical University


7. Contact

International Student Affairs Office of Fujian Medical University, No. 1 Xuefu North Road, Daxuecheng New District, Fuzhou City (Overseas Education College)

Zipcode: 350122

Phone: 0086-591-22862611

Email: oec@fjmu.edu.cn


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