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Anti-fraud Seminar

To actively respond to the school’s " 5.12 " disaster prevention and mitigation safety education requirements, effectively improve the safety protection awareness and protection capabilities of international students in China, and ensure the safety of life and property of international students in ChinaOn May 13, our hospital invited Xu Jiefeng, a policeman from Hetang police station of Shangjie high tech Zone of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau, to give an anti-fraud security lecture to our foreign students.




In the lecture, Police Officer Xu Jiefeng explained how to detect telecom fraud, prevent telecom fraud, and how to remedy it after receiving telecom fraud and remittance in the form of situational question and answer based on typical real-life cases and the actual situation of students at school. Knowledge enables international students to master anti-fraud skills and personal information protection awareness through interaction and thinking, and prevent deception from the source.


This special lecture enabled the students to further understand the nature and harm of telecommunications network fraud, strengthened the awareness of fraud prevention, improved the ability to identify and prevent telecommunications fraud, and provided a safety guarantee for studying abroad.



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