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Hold spring festival Forum

On January 31st, our school held the 2021 Chinese New Year Symposium on the theme of "Farewell to the old year and share the feelings of the world, welcome the new year, and weave the Chinese dream". The school leader, Vice President Lin Xu, attended the symposium, and a total of 45 people, heads of relevant functional departments and representatives of teachers and students of the Overseas Education College, gathered together to welcome the new year. Due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, more than 70 students participated in the online symposium.




At the symposium, Vice President Lin Xu first extended Chinese New Year wishes to the international students and their families in China, and to the students who actively participated in the school’s epidemic prevention and control work in the past year, worked together to fight the “epidemic”, and shared the courage and courage to overcome the difficulties. Responsible and affirmed; expressed gratitude to the international students for their support to the school and China during the severe epidemic; praised the students' high-spirited style of persisting in their studies, all-around development, and pursuit of progress during the epidemic. He encouraged the students to study harder in the new year, get a deeper understanding of China, integrate into China, and grow into qualified medical staff, and present a shining note with blessing medical characteristics for playing the beautiful movement of a community with a shared future for mankind. Then, the representatives of international students in China shared their growth, gains, and insights over the past year, expressed their sincere gratitude for the school's care and love during the epidemic and sent New Year greetings to school leaders, teachers, and students. Subsequently, the school commended the students who had achieved good results in the "Reading China" Classics Reading Competition of the 2nd Chinese Classics Recitation and Speaking Competition in 2020, and the students who won the 2020 Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students.






To do a good job in epidemic prevention, ensure the health and safety of international students, and let them feel the care of the school, the school has prepared a "health pack" for every international student on campus. The New Year Symposium reached a climax in the cheerful singing and dancing performances of the students and the strong care of giving out "health packs".




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