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Carry out mental health team support activities



On February 5th, on the festive day of the new year, the Overseas Education College launched a special and lively "sea" memory confidant, "heart" spring celebration" to welcome the Chinese New Year psychology for the overseas students staying at the school. Health group supplementary activities. International students from the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and other countries attended the event. International students and classmates not only relieved their psychological pressure in the interesting activities, but also felt the taste of "New Year" in the activities, and experienced the infinite charm of Chinese Spring Festival culture.


" Snatch the luck in peace and safety", "Reunion to hug the group", and "lively pass the blessing". The three games of grabbing the bottle, holding the group with many people, and passing the blessing by drumming made the students enjoy themselves. Students who have lost the game still need to perform singing, dancing, tongue twisters, and other programs. NWANKWO CHIBUEZE THOMPSON from Nigeria will send you a song "Friends", hoping to pass on the strength of friends to support each other during the epidemic prevention and control and to overcome difficulties together. Wish Students from all over the world can harvest beautiful friendships at Fu Normal University.


It is reported that in addition to caring for the mental health of international students through psychological team support and fun sports games to ensure a stable mental state during the winter vacation, the Overseas Education Institute also organizes badminton, basketball, basketball, and sports activities through outdoor cultural and sports activities such as movie watching, table tennis, and badminton. Interest groups such as yoga, dance, calligraphy, etc. enrich the campus life of international students during winter vacation.



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