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Development of Guqin cultural practice activities



From December 26th to 27th, our college organized more than 80 students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan to go to Zhangzhou Longren Guqin Cultural Village to carry out cultural practice activities to learn the connotation of Chinese culture in depth.


In the Longren Guqin Cultural Village, the students learned the basic knowledge of the guqin, "hook", "picked", "prose", "overtone" and other fingering techniques, played "Deng Guan Que Lou" and other repertoires; tried Teng style butterfly painting learning Chen Jun, the eighteenth-generation successor of Teng school butterfly painting, and representative inheritor of the Teng school butterfly painting technique of Xiamen's intangible cultural heritage protection project teaches students the history of Teng school butterfly painting and butterfly painting techniques.


Liang Yuan, a student from Taiwan, said: "It is antique here, and you can also learn to play the guqin and paint butterflies. It is like entering the mind of an ancient poet, allowing us to learn more about Chinese culture and have a deeper understanding."


It is reported that carrying out cultural practice activities is one of the important forms of education about the national conditions of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan overseas Chinese students in our college. Going out of the campus and going deep into the society, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan overseas students can understand the profoundness of learning Chinese traditional culture, enhance cultural identity, and promote Chinese culture.



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