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Carry out the vaccination work of Xinguan

From May 8th, our school has set up temporary vaccination points in the hospitals of Cangshan and Qishan campuses and organized teachers, students, and employees in batches to carry out centralized vaccination work for the new crown vaccine. The vaccination site was in order. Under the guidance of the staff and volunteers, the teachers, students, and staff who participated in the vaccination entered the waiting area, the check area, the vaccination area, and the observation area in turn. They carefully read the warm reminder materials and truthfully filled in the informed consent for vaccination. On-site medical staff meticulously carry out information check, vaccination appointment code reading, health assessment, vaccination, precautions, etc. With the coordination of various functional departments, the vaccination work is carried out in an efficient and orderly manner. At the same time, to ensure the safety of vaccination, the staff of the vaccination unit is on standby at any time in the emergency disposal area to prepare for the first time to deal with emergencies.







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