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Fujian Normal University President Scholarship

1. Scholarship content and standards, open majors

All majors of Fujian Normal University can apply. Recruit undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students. Accommodation and tuition fees are waived after the scholarship is awarded.


2. Applicant qualifications

(1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health;

(2) Applicant's educational background and age requirements:

① Applicants for undergraduate studies must have a high school diploma or above, and the age should not exceed 30 years old;

② Applicants for postgraduate studies must have a university degree or above, and the age should not exceed 35 years old in principle;

③ Applicants for doctoral studies must have a master's degree or above, and the age should not exceed 40 years old in principle;

(3) Applicant's language proficiency requirements

Undergraduate program requirements: applying for liberal arts majors must reach the new HSK level 5, science majors must reach the new HSK level 4, and the Chinese language undergraduate can be admitted with zero levels.

Master's program requirements: liberal arts majors need to reach the new HSK level five, and science majors need to reach the new HSK level four.

Ph.D. program requirements: apply for liberal arts to reach the new HSK level 5, and apply for science to reach the new HSK level 4.

(4) The applicant is the Chinese government or other organizations funded reward, no longer enjoy Fujian Normal University scholarships.


3. Application procedure

You can log on to the website of Fujian Normal University Overseas Education College

http://iccs.fjnu.edu.cn/ to apply online.


4. Application time and application materials

The principal scholarship is open for applications throughout the year.

Applicants must truthfully fill in and submit the following application materials:

(1) Fill in the "Fujian Province Foreign Student Scholarship Program Application Form" online;

(2) Notarized highest academic certificate and academic transcript;

(3) "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" (uniformly printed by the Chinese health and quarantine department);

(4) A study or research plan of more than 400 words;

(5) Those who apply to study music, fine arts, and other art majors should submit their relevant works according to the requirements of the school;

(6) Applicants under the age of 18 must submit relevant legal documents of their legal guardian in China;

(7) The application materials submitted by the applicant will not be returned regardless of whether it is approved or not.


5. Receiving department and contact information

Overseas Education College of Fujian Normal University

Address: 4th Floor, Humanities Building, South District, Fujian Normal University, No. 1, Keji Road, Minhou University Town, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Zipcode: 350117

Phone: 0086-0591-83434244

Contact: Teacher Lin

E-mail: iccsfjnu@263.net

Website: http://iccs.fjnu.edu.cn


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