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Summit forum held

The forum was successfully held in the Fujian Hall on May 9. The forum was co-sponsored by Beijing Film Academy and our school and co-organized by the School of Communication of our school and Beijing Film Academy's Future Imaging Advanced Innovation Center. The research team of the major project "Research on the Construction of the Theoretical System of Chinese Film Schools" and the creation of film scripts in Fujian Province Jointly co-organized by the research center.



(Site of the opening ceremony of the forum)


At the opening ceremony of the forum, the school leaders of the organizer delivered speeches respectively. Chen Xiaohong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of our school, expressed welcome and gratitude to the experts and scholars who came to the forum on behalf of the school, and briefly introduced the development process of drama and film education in our school and hoped that experts and scholars would provide valuable opinions and suggestions for the development of the discipline of drama and film in our school. Hu Zhifeng, deputy secretary and vice president (presiding over the work) of Beijing Film Academy, explained the internal symbiosis between the construction of Chinese film schools and the development of the film industry in a video speech and wished the seminar a success. Hou Guangming, the former party secretary of Beijing Film Academy, affirmed the significance of this forum in his speech and introduced Beijing Film Academy's initiatives and measures to build a Chinese film school.



(Video speech by Hu Zhifeng, deputy secretary of Beijing Film Academy and vice president (hosting work))


The forum is divided into two thematic forums and two thematic forums: "The History, Current Situation and Trend of China's Film Industry" and "The New Development Stage and the Path to Realizing a Film Power". In the theme forum, the former party secretary of the Beijing Film Academy, Professor Hou Guangming, the director of the China Film Archive, and the director of the China Film Art Research Center Sun Xianghui, as well as the major project team members outlined the development of the Chinese film school in the past, present and future. Made wonderful speeches on their respective research topics; in the special forums, from Beijing Film Academy, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Renmin University of China, Zhejiang University, Shanghai University, Southwest University, Chinese Academy of Art, China Film Science, and Technology Research, Therefore, experts and scholars from the "Film Art" magazine, "Contemporary Film" magazine, "China Film News" and other units carried out enthusiastic exchanges on the interaction between the Chinese film school and the Chinese film industry.



(Theme forum scene)


The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party put forward the strategic goal of achieving a cultural power in 2035. Film power is an important part of cultural power. The construction of a Chinese film school is an important project to realize the dream of film power. The convening of this forum is of forward-looking and constructive significance.



(A group photo of participants)

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