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The power of inheritance allows you and me to walk together. Fudan University is based on building morality and building people, guided by socialist core values, and relying on academic advantages to promote the inheritance and innovation of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

On April 23, the opening ceremony of the traditional culture month of Fudan University "Guofeng Yayun" Academy of Traditional Culture Month in 2021 and the theme lecture of "Through Water Ways, Culture the World—Upgrading the Cultural Literacy of Young Students and Expanding International Vision" was held in Guanghua Building.

Meng Xiaosi, member of the Standing Committee of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, former vice-minister of the Ministry of Culture, and former vice-chairman of the All-China Women's Federation, delivered a keynote speech.

Yin Dongmei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Fudan University, comrades in charge of relevant departments and departments, and more than 200 teachers and students from various academies listened and studied together.

In her speech, Yin Dongmei reviewed the process and phased results of the academy's efforts to promote the inheritance and innovation of Chinese excellent culture by relying on the advantages of the school's humanities in recent years.

She expressed the hope that this year's Academy of Traditional Culture Month will take greater steps in the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture, and continue to do a good job in educating and educating people through aesthetics.






The excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation is the "root" and "soul" of the Chinese nation's spirit. The prosperity of the culture leads to the prosperity of the country, and the strong culture leads to a strong nation.

Fudan people should shoulder the responsibility and responsibility of building a socialist cultural power. Meng Xiaosi shared the splendor of the cultural world for the young students.

Combining her work, citing classics, explaining the profound things in simple terms, she interprets the four functions of culture and the four cultivation methods of cultural character from the three levels of "the foundation of culture, the power of culture, and the journey of culture", and she shares with her rich experience in foreign affairs.

To understand the cultural exchanges, the traditional wisdom of "the way of culture is as precious as water" has been integrated into it.




Meng Xiaosi pointed out that the "foundation of culture" is to "use cultural people to moisturize things silently." Starting from the definition of culture, she explained the foundation of culture in an image, pointing out that culture is the banner of the spirit and the clarion call for progress.

The only culture that can make a country go further and fly higher. She emphasized that culture is the internal combustion engine of social change, the gas station for improving people's quality, the regulator of social normality, and the booster of economic development.

Meng Xiaosi emphasized that "the power of culture" is to "build up one's own self and achieve others, and enlighten everything." From a deeper perspective, she explained that cultural cultivation not only warms itself like water but can also irrigate everything.

Taking the five cognitive levels of culture as the starting point, she put forward the methodology of "Four Practices", encouraging young students to learn from the nourishment of culture, to be broad-minded, to follow kindness; to be good at communication, to appreciate and praise; to be optimistic, persevering, and persevering. ;

Wisdom and humor, no hindrance to the outlook. As a kind of character, culture should be cultivated to achieve the effect of enveloping everything.

Meng Xiaosi said that the "Cultural Journey" is to "Communicate the soul, soft to the firm", and she communicated with her classmates based on her own experience.

Young students must improve their cultural literacy and accumulate their cultural heritage, and they should also be able to establish morality with literature; use literature to touch people and gather people with literature; respect humility, live low and be kind; use water to live a cultural world; By humanized culture, by cultural people. "With cultural literacy, if you lack it, you can make a great tool with an international perspective."

It is Meng Xiaosi's message to young students, which not only makes students feel the wisdom and power of traditional culture but also encourages them to move towards the future.

In recent years, relying on the academy to actively explore and innovate forms, Fudan University has held a series of activities of Traditional Culture Month and Traditional Culture Experience Season since 2017, focusing on the integration of "Tao" and "Art", and the combination of "Lecture" and "Performance". Build a platform for teachers and students to experience and study traditional culture in depth.

The traditional culture month of the academy has entered its fifth year. Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, this year’s Academy of Traditional Culture Month combines the study and education of party history to fully excavate the Chinese aesthetic education spirit and national aesthetic characteristics contained in the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and fully excavate the red genes of Fudan University.

The theme is launched from April to May. The activities covered four sections: "Liyuan Opera", "Calligraphy, Calligraphy and Seal Cutting", "Fengya Fair" and "Themed Lectures", fully displaying the latest achievements of Fudan's humanities, art, and physical education inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

Teachers and students of the academy use lectures, salons, study experiences, independent explorations, and other forms to effectively permeate the excellent traditional Chinese culture into the academy's life, help students receive humanistic influence and practical education, comprehend the essence of traditional culture, and experience the charm of traditional culture.


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