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Fudan University Library

The Fudan University Library is a national key protection unit for ancient books, the Vice-Chairman House of the Chinese University Library and Information Work Steering Committee, and one of the two national central libraries of the Chinese University Humanities and Social Sciences Documentation Center. The Ministry of Education has a foreign textbook center for the whole country and East China, the Ministry of Education's foreign language books introduction center library, the European Union bookshelf, the Ministry of Education's science and technology novelty search station (comprehensive), and the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission's science and technology novelty search station (computer and Biology), the Director-General and Secretariat of the National Medical Literature Retrieval Teaching and Research Association, the Master of Library Science Training Center, the Secretariat of the China Index Society, and undertook the development of the two journals "China Index "and "Research on Library and Information Work in Universities in Shanghai" Editing and publishing work.


The Wuwu Reading Book Club, which was established in 1918 by raising funds to buy books, was the predecessor of the library of Fudan University. The Fudan University Library is now composed of the Liberal Arts Museum, the Science Museum, the Medical Science Museum, the Zhangjiang Museum, the Jiangwan Museum (Li Zhaoji Library), and the Department of Ancient Books (the national key protection unit for ancient books). On April 27, 2000, Shanghai Medical University merged with Fudan University, and the former Shanghai Medical University Library was changed to "Fudan University Medical Library".








Fudan University Museum

Fudan University Museum is located in the western campus of an elegant environment. It is two antique buildings with two floors. The original exhibition area is about 2,600 square meters. The museum was officially opened on New Year’s Day in 1992. There are currently more than 2,000 items in the collections of Fudan University, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (transferred by Henan Provincial Museum, Luoyang Cultural Relics Team), and the Shanghai Museum. Donations. In terms of types, it involves various art treasures such as ceramics, bronzes, oracle bones, paintings and calligraphy, and cultural relics of the indigenous people in Taiwan. Fudan University Museum is based on universities and serves the community. The target audience is university teachers and students, primary and middle school students and parents who are interested in university culture and Chinese history, and community residents. The average annual audience in the past three years has exceeded 60,000. In conjunction with the exhibition, the museum also attracts and serves the public through a series of public lectures and cultural activities. The Yingqin Hall is set up in the museum. The furnishings are simple, elegant and antique. It is a specific platform for academic exchanges and lectures. In recent years, there have been more than ten events such as academic lectures, ethnic concerts, and artistic gatherings held here every year. In recent years, the "Ancient Art and Cultural Heritage Series Lectures" and the annual academic workshops have become the brand of the museum's academic activities.


Address: Building 300, Fudan University, 220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai (200433)


Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-11:30 am, 1:30-4:30 pm (closed on Monday)


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