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The first collective birthday party in 2021


On January 15, 2021, in the fragrance of flowers, accompanied by warm background music, the first collective birthday party of the School of International Cultural Exchange was held at the Faculty’s Home.

To let the college's faculty and staff feel the warmth of the college family during their busy work, the college's labor union specially planned and organized this collective birthday event for the faculty and staff, which ushered in the first batch of 16 birthday stars.

The birthday party was co-hosted by the chairman of the labor union Lu Guang and the head of the women's committee Chen Yu. More than 40 faculty members of the hospital participated in the event.




There is destiny to get together, destined to know each other, destined to know each other, and destined to accompany. There will be three groups of teachers on the same birthday.

In a relaxed and lively atmosphere, the teachers on the same birthday began to find their destined people, and the truth or dare game was even more interesting and aroused bursts of laughter.

Finally, the birthday song was sung on the whole occasion. The birthday stars made birthday wishes together, cut the birthday cake together, and shared the joy and delicacy.

The warmth and friendship are conveyed in the communication and interaction. In 2021, Guojiao people will still believe in the future and go hand in hand!

Afterward, everyone presented beautiful flowers to the birthday teachers. The birthday teachers held flowers and gathered with everyone and left many precious photos.




In the end, the first birthday party of the China International Communications Institute was successfully concluded in a festive atmosphere. We look forward to the next birthday party in the next semester!


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