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International Chinese Teacher Scholarship


Fudan University provides international Chinese teachers established by the Sino-foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education to applicants who are interested in Chinese education, teaching, and related work, as well as registered students of the Confucius Institute (classroom) who are preparing to study undergraduate courses in international Chinese education, and students majoring in the Chinese language. scholarship.


Funding target and funding content

A person of non-Chinese nationality who is in good physical and mental health has no record of bad behavior and is 16-35 years old (as of September 1, 2021, in-service Chinese teachers will be relaxed to 45 years old).

For details, please refer to https://cis.chinese.cn/Account/Proceduresfor


Enrollment categories and application conditions

Students for one academic year (Chinese language training)

1. Enrollment in September 2021, the funding period is 11 months. International students in China will not be admitted.

2. Applicants must have a score of 210 in the HSK test (Level 3) and an HSKK score.


One-semester trainee (Chinese language training)

1. Enrollment in September 2021 or March 2022, the funding period is 5 months. Those who have X1 and X2 visas in their passports are not admitted.

2. Applicants must have a score of 180 in the HSK test (Level 3) and an HSKK score.


Deadline for registration

May 10, 2021


Handling process

1. From March 1, 2021, log on to the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Registration Network (cis.Chinese.cn)

Inquire about recommending institutions and host universities (Applicants for Fudan University should choose Fudan University as their first choice when filling in);

2. submit the online application materials, attention to the application process, the audit opinion and scholarship assessment results, the language center co-commissioned by the expert group focused on assessment, before the school about three months to complete the work Scholarship, announced the results of the review;

3. The winners confirm with the host institution to go through the formalities for studying in China, and print the award certificate online;

4. Enter the journal at the time specified in the admission notice of the receiving institution.


Materials to be submitted

1. A scanned copy of the passport photo page; applicants under the age of 18 must submit a certificate of entrustment signed by their guardian in China;

2. A scanned copy of HSK and HSKK score reports (valid for two years);

3. Recommendation letter issued by the person in charge of the recommending institution (evaluate the applicant objectively and indicate whether the applicant is a Confucius Institute student or another status; in-service Chinese teachers must attach the in-service certificate and recommendation letter issued by the institution);

4. Provide a notarized certificate of the highest degree (certificate of expected graduation) and school transcripts;

5. Those who have won the 2021 "Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate" in various Chinese Bridge competitions, log on to the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship website, and submit the application materials directly to our school with the scholarship certificate. If you have questions, please contact Chinese bridge @ Chinese .cn


Consultation method

Office of Confucius Institute at Fudan University

E-mail (Email): Confucius @ fudan.edu.cn

Telephone ( Tel): +86-021-55665276

Address (Address): No. 220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Office

E-mail (Email): scholarships @ Chinese.cn

Fax : +86-10-58595727


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