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Shanghai Government Scholarship


Eligibility for application

1. Non-Chinese citizens, physically and mentally healthy;
2. Age requirements: no more than 35 years old for master's degree; no more than 40 years old for doctoral degree;
3. No other Chinese government scholarships have been obtained at the same time.

Scholarship content and standards

Free tuition, free on-campus accommodation, free comprehensive medical insurance
Subsidized living expenses (3000 yuan/month for postgraduate students, 3500 yuan/month for doctoral students)

Application time

December 10, 2019 to March 19, 2021

Application process

Step 1: Log in to http://study.edu.sh.gov.cn/apply/ to complete the online application. Download and print the "Shanghai Government Scholarship Application Form for Foreign Students" and sign;
Step 2: Log in to http://admission.iso.fudan.edu.cn, select the "personal self-funded" channel, be sure to check "Shanghai Government Scholarship" in the scholarship section and upload the "Shanghai Government Scholarship Application Form for Foreign Students" ", complete the online application.
Applicants for the scholarship must also upload the following documents:
1. The original "Physical Examination Form for Foreigners", which must be in English or Chinese;
* Please log in (https://iso.fudan.edu.cn/) and click "Common Download", the physical examination results are valid for 6 months
* Those who currently live in mainland China and hold a valid "Foreigner Residence Permit" or "Foreigner's Permanent Residence ID Card" can use the above two materials to replace the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form"
2. The original "Certificate of No Criminal Record", which must be in English or Chinese.

Application result

For details, check the "Notice Announcement" section of the Foreign Student Affairs Office of Fudan University (https://iso.fudan.edu.cn/).

Other matters needing attention

Scholarship recipients:
1. The registration and registration procedures must be completed in accordance with the time set by the school. Those who fail to register without approval will be treated as automatically abandoning their student status, and the scholarship qualifications obtained will be automatically canceled. Those who retain their admission qualifications will not retain their scholarship qualifications;
2. Participate in the annual review of the scholarship as required. Those who fail to pass the review will be suspended or disqualified from the scholarship;
3. In principle, it is not allowed to change the study major and study period.
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