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The leaders visited the students

During the Spring Festival, Party Secretary Wang Ying and Party Committee Deputy Secretary Zheng Yang, on behalf of the college, and Dong Mingjie, the graduating class instructor of 2021, visited the student dormitory to learn about the situation of the students on the spot and offered condolences.




During the visit, the teachers of the college had a cordial exchange with the students, and they learned in detail about the current life of the students studying in the school, such as dining and sleep, graduation thesis writing and employment, the relevant feelings of staying in the school, and the communication with the family.

Wang Ying secretary told the students to strictly comply with regulatory requirements campus during the epidemic prevention and control, good self-management and personal protection, to develop good health habits of life.

But also to maintain a positive state of mind, to encourage school students to take advantage of during the winter vacation Study hard and extend a happy new year in advance.




Through on-site visits to the student dormitories and listening to the voices of the students, the college has a better understanding of the current life and learning of the students and the actual needs, etc., and also made the students deeply feel the warmth and care of the school.

The students said that the visits of the college teachers made them feel the warmth of home during the winter vacation, and they were deeply encouraged.

They will strictly abide by the school management during the Spring Festival, take personal protection, continue to earnestly study, and keep healthy. Actively develop the study life of staying in school.




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