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"Celebrating March 8th" walking activity



March 8 at 12:30 pm, International Cultural Exchange School of trade union organizations "Love at Fudan University, walking spring" the vigorous celebration of International Women's Day activities kicked off the walk.

Before the departure point of the Guanghua Building, the teachers who participated in the group walking, dressed in college t-shirts, gathered in great spirits. The walking route carefully designed by the labor union of the college passes through important cultural landmarks of the school such as Benbei Expressway, Xianghuitang, Yanyuan, the school motto wall, Xiyuan, and the four major academies.

Along the way, the female teachers walked like an enclave, admiring the beautiful Fudan campus and feeling the spring in the campus; while talking about work and homework, cheers and laughter filled the way.

At every cultural landmark, the teachers left a beautiful group photo. While taking a photo at the school motto wall, I happened to ran into the head of the school’s teacher work department, Mr. Chen Yugang, who gave the teachers holiday blessings and took a group photo with the teachers.

This activity also specially designed individual walks to encourage teachers who are unable to participate in group walking due to their teaching work to walk at their own right time.

Love in Fudan, walking in the spring, the labor union of the International Communication College has added festive joy to the activities carefully planned by the female faculty and staff, encouraging them to live a healthy life, be positive and enterprising, and be full of demeanor!








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