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Chinese Language Student

1. Long-term and short-term Chinese training courses

There are introductory classes, elementary classes, intermediate classes, and advanced classes in Chinese. The school system is flexible. Students can study for one month, two months, one semester, one year, or several years according to their own requirements.

Tuition: RMB 17,200 for one year, RMB 8,600 for half year, RMB 4,700 for 8 weeks, RMB 2,600 for four weeks;

Registration fee: 300-500 yuan; teaching material fee: charged according to the actual situation.


2. Intensive Chinese Training Course for Winter and Summer Vacations

A 4-week short-term training course is held in January and July every year, recruiting students at the entrance, beginning, and intermediate levels, and conducting intensive training in Chinese communicative competence.

Tuition: 2,600 yuan; registration fee: 300 yuan; teaching materials: charged according to the actual situation.


3. Group exchange and cooperation projects

(1) Sign inter-school agreements with various foreign universities to exchange students and cultivate talents in the Chinese language and culture.

(2) Groups who come to China to study Chinese, commerce, and Chinese culture courses can negotiate with the International Students Education College on specific matters such as time, method, and content of study.


4. Application procedures

Please register on the official registration platform of our hospital, and submit at the same time: a copy of the passport homepage and visa page, and 3 passport photos.


5. Course Arrangement

Courses such as reading and writing, listening and speaking, writing, reading and intensive reading are arranged according to the level of the students.

Class time is Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 or 12:10, or 1:00-4:00 in the afternoon


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