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Hold an international conference

The 5th International Conference on Internationalization of Higher Education was held from October 18thto 19th, 2018, in the international conference room. Numerous experts and scholars from famous universities around the world were gathered in GDUFS discussing and sharing experience in topics including the theory and practice of higher education internationalization, the opportunities, challenges, and strategies for higher education against the globalization backdrop, the education and management in international cooperation programs, and the relationship between teachers and students influenced by cross-cultural elements.


The participants of the conference include the Deputy Director of Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange of Ministry Education Ai Hogge, the Director of the Communication and Exchange Office of Guangdong Education Department Li Jinjun, the visiting professor of GDUFS, and the former Chinese envoy and education counselor to France Bai Zhangde, the former Director of the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education Dai Jagan, and the Deputy Director of the International Office of the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange of Ministry Education. The conference was chaired by Vice President Chen Linehan.



The Conference


On behalf of GDUFS, Sui Guangjun extended a warm welcome to all the guests home and abroad. He shared the experience in educating talents on an international level from three aspects based on the practice of education internationalization of GDUFS.


First is to build high-level international cooperation platforms to promote the in-depth cooperation with famous universities and institutes, giving full play to the advantage of being a partner of the UN Extension Plan for Educating High-Level Translation Talents, having the permanent seat in the secretariat of WITTA and the international network of the Asian University Presidents Forum and China-Russia University Alliance of Economics to participate in the famous international education organizations such as NAFSA, and to conduct multilateral international cooperation on education.


The second is to build a high-level education system for international talents, taking on the task of nurturing global citizens with international views, the knowledge of international rules, and global competitiveness, and the ability to cooperate with a sense of social responsibility.


The third is to promote high-level international exchange and cooperation, and set up a scholarship council for overseas studies and build the “university-school” dual supporting system, expanding the channels for students to go overseas for studies and build a supporting system of overseas development for students.



President Sui Guangjun



Vice President Chen Linhan


Ai Honghe approved the efforts GDUFS had made in overseas training programs, and the achievements in exchange programs, education, research cooperation, discipline building, and international talent development. He hoped that the exchange and sharing of experience in the conference would help eliminate the obstacles of higher education internationalization development, and strengthen the base of common development and prosperity of the world, providing wisdom to address the common challenges in higher education.



Ai Hogge


Li Jinjun said that Guangdong Province had always attached great importance to the international development of higher education, and at present, Guangdong education was closely supporting the Belt and Road Initiative and the building of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, promoting education exchange and cooperation. At present, Guangdong’s Three-Year Action Plan to Build “Belt and Road” Education is being drafted, to enhance education communication and to boost common development.



Li Jinjun


In this conference, 32 experts and scholars announced their scholarly papers on higher education internationalization and had panel discussions, including the Vice-Chancellor of University of Gloucestershire Stephen Marston, the Acting Executive Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland Li Rongyu, The Deputy Vice-Chancellor of University of Central Lancashire Tim Steele, the Associate Dean of the School of Business and Law of Coventry University, Professor Ouyang Huhua from GDUFS, the Director of the Office of International Affairs of University of Bedfordshire Andrew Paltridge, Lauren Boone from Harding University, Geoffrey Davies from the University of Westminster, Xu Lu from Lancaster University, and Rupert Walsh from the University of Portsmouth.



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