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Introduction to summer Chinese enrollment

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies is a key university with distinctive international characteristics in South China, and it is one of the first universities in China with qualifications for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Since the establishment of the School of International Education for more than 30 years, the teaching team has accumulated rich experience in Chinese teaching. Based on the advantages of the university’s internationalization of running schools and the rich experience of the college’s international student Chinese training and high-quality teachers, the college helps students improve their comprehensive Chinese proficiency in a short period of time and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture.


1. Online teaching time

June 28, 2021-July 23, 2021


2. Course content

The courses are divided into elementary and intermediate levels.

2.1 Comprehensive Chinese courses and Chinese listening and speaking courses will enable students to improve their Chinese communicative skills in a short period of time;

2.2 Integrate with the characteristics of Guangdong and combine the advantages of our school to provide special lectures and courses such as "Millennium Business Capital-Guangzhou", "Cloud Tour Guangzhou: Chen Clan Ancestral House", "Cloud Tour Guangzhou: Guangdong Provincial Museum" and other special lectures and courses.

(1) The above courses are subject to the final actual arrangement;

(2) The minimum class size is 10;

(3) Applicants need to register on the registration platform of our school and pass the review.


3. How to register

Complete the online registration on the registration platform and confirm the registration number by email ( or telephone (020-36207141, 36207142).


4. Registration conditions

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

4.1 Have the hardware and software conditions for online teaching;

4.2 Comply with Chinese laws and regulations and meet the medical examination standards set by the Chinese government for international students in China. Tuition will not be refunded if the student is unable to continue studying due to a sudden illness caused by the concealed health condition or cannot obtain a visa due to personal reasons;

4.3 Other conditions deemed to be met.


5. Cost

Tuition fee: RMB 2600

Registration fee: RMB 300

Insurance: RMB 400


6. Registration time

From now until June 20, 2021


7. Tuition payment method

Please make the transfer after confirming the admission qualification, otherwise, the tuition will not be refunded.

7.1 For bank transfer, please select a bank account transfer in China;

7.2 If not, please choose overseas RMB remittance.

After the transfer, the transfer voucher must be sent to the email for confirmation, and “passport name➕nationality➕2021 summer school tuition” must be noted.


8. Insurance premium payment method

After the applicant confirms the qualifications for admission, the insurance payment method will be notified separately.


9. Contact

Tel: 0086-20-36207141, 36207142


University homepage:

Address: International Students Education College, No.7 Teaching Building, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, No. 2 Baiyun Avenue North, Guangzhou, China

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