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The library of GSCASS is composed of parts of Chinese collection, foreign languages collection, periodicals reading room, internet service room, and the office area, offering English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, 5 languages. It contains almost 270 thousand graduates’ dissertations and 25 databases, and 4 self-built databases.


These materials cover the main fields and subjects of humanity and social sciences, including economics, political sciences, law, history, language, culture, and so on, which make the library unique. With the discipline development, recent years have witnessed the increase of collections of diplomacy, media, management and professional education.


The library adopts the advanced automatic management system, realizing the cataloging and searching of multilingual materials inside the library and in some departments. The interlibrary loan service is available among the library of GSCASS, 18 libraries of CASS, which are composed of 5 million books in Beijing. In order to make sure the accessibility of library materials by GSCASS students outside the School, the library has opened the VPN remote access system.


The overall construction goal of the library in GSCASS is to realize the specialization of materials, the informatization of service, the professionalization of working groups, and the scientification of management, and through participation in joint resources construction and system sharing, to try to build it into a protecting base of final materials and an information service center for domestic foreign languages teaching and research.


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