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Life in GSCASS


The students of GSCASS enjoy very vibrant campus life. GSCASS has always concentrated on its student activities ever since the time of its foundation. Enjoying the support from the School, both domestic and international students are encouraged to experience colorful campus lives. Numbers of student-organized associations and a range of student activities run year-round, which satisfy the different demands of students. And students cultivate their interpersonal friendship, creativity and leadership via these diversified activities.


Several carefully planned activities are regarded as main campus events. Some of them are annual as evidence of the New Year’s Eve Celebration, or the International Cultural Festival. Others may be the result of the School encouraging students to explore new activities in accordance with current trends.


Thus, students at the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences experience a balanced life besides receiving a comprehensive and prestigious academic education, which consists of a vibrant array of student organizations and activities, leadership development opportunities, international programs and athletic competitions.


Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences enjoys the privilege of making most of its resources to work towards realizing their dreams. The School also unfailingly fulfills its commitment to free discussion and inquiry with the importance of an education that encompasses the whole person in mind. It is expected that all students can appreciate openness to the numerous challenges and opportunities the School provides and offers.


The student union of GSCASS is a bridge-like student organization connecting the students and the school under the guidance and leadership of the Youth League Committee of the School. Its fundamental purpose is to service the students wholeheartedly. With improving the overall quality of the students as its core work, the students' union works actively enriching the campus life, safeguarding students'  rights and interests and guiding students' ideas. The students union serves well for students' "self-education, self-management, self-service".


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