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Hold graduate graduation meeting

In the afternoon of May 8, to mobilize and promote the employment of graduates and ensure the smooth development of graduation grade-related work, the School of Computer and Communication held the 2021 graduate grade conference in the Jixian Building of Pengjiaping Campus. Grade counselors Sun Qinxue and Li Zhe presided over the conference.




At this meeting, Sun Qinxue put forward suggestions and requirements for students with difficulties in graduation based on the current outstanding problems through the analysis of the grades of the graduates. Provide a detailed explanation of the relevant provisions of PU credit hours and innovation credits. Subsequently, he emphasized the transfer of party and league relations, internships and daily leave-related management regulations, dormitory safety, anti-fraud and other matters related to graduates, and made arrangements for recent party history study and education. Li Zhe analyzed the employment situation of students before and after graduation, combined with the current employment of graduates, public examinations, and postgraduate entrance examinations, to provide employment guidance and mobilization for students, and recommended several high-quality units for unemployed students. Then, he explained in detail the issues of filling in relevant graduate files and dispatching the registration card.


This conference helped graduates to clarify further study and living arrangements, help unemployed students to position themselves, clarify goal planning, and point out the direction of employment for them, bringing the college’s care and concern for graduates and improving students’ gains. The ardent anticipation of a good prospect.

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